Celebrate!, part 2

Here are some of the videos we used at the celebration:

With the band singing “Higher” by Creed (live, this one’s with the original soundtrack), we showed this very inspiring slide picturing what has transpired pre-launch and post-launch September of last year.

Interview with some of our new people. See how God used Grace Place to touch their lives.

I wanted to compile some videos of last week’s Anniversary event but I was sick all week. I specifically wanted to show how the 2 revolving heads (computerized lightings) we rented have really set the mood for this special worship event. I wonder what will happen if we have these kind every Sunday? I wonder what happens when Sunday becomes like a celebration — because honestly, it should be! We’re praying for God’s provision on this one. Our people saw what we will become, time to support the vision.

One more quick thought. God gives up to our capacity to receive. Whether its financial blessing or the number of people you minister to, that statement is, I believe to be true. Last Sunday, our hall’s capacity is 80+. God gave us a sample of what will happen if he gives us more than that. He gave 101 people last Sunday. Result: we’re overwhelmed, the people overflowed, some simply stood at our Grace Place cafe. This means that our regular attendees of 60 (ave.) is simply what we can accommodate at this time. Either we stay at Tiara Oriental Hotel and got stuck at 60 or we find an auditorium of at least 200 capacity and max it out as God wills. You choose, Grace Placers.

Some more takes from other Grace Placers.

* Auntie Ebong

* Anj

* Jael