I mentioned in my last post how proud I am of our creative team. Last week, they did an incredible job. On top of their regular day jobs, they were able to find time to shoot on locations and edit the video for our Sunday service. Armed with a simple Sony Handycam, a good actress, a great crew that do not mind discomforts and God given creativity, the team produced an mtv that sure hits the core with a message!

Guys, you’re setting a tradition here. When Grace Place is already blessed with tens of thousands of weekend attendance, top of the line video production room and a huge team of creative volunteers, you will look back to this day and will sure cherish it. Rock on!

God bless your talents and dedication — Jael (the lead actress), Enjel, Gayle, Joyce (yes, my wife, :D ), Ghelo, Glen and Mimi.

So, without further introduction, here’s the video entitled “Bricks”.