3 things I’m learning while in the eye of the storm

These past few weeks, I’m learning a lot — things I never learned in life for the past 30 years. Three basic things I am learning now.

1. Learning to see what my mistakes are — clearly — and seriously correct them. When a crisis strikes, I’m forced to think and look back. “Where did I go wrong? How could have it been different if I did this instead of this?” And in the time of crisis, I see these mistakes as clear as crystal. It’s always a humbling experience to admit to myself that I have been wrong in past, but its even more challenging to correct them.

2. Learning to count my blessings. When, during crisis, almost everything I have, everything that I worked for, starts falling like mosquitoes, I am forced to think outside of what is seen. The result: I see tremendous blessings that I could have not seen when everything is well. I started to recognize that Johann, my little boy was never sick for the past 2 years. His last trip to the hospital was when he was a year old. I started to see that God has blessed us with a comfortable place to live. If a crisis did not strike, these could have been left unrecognized.

3. Learning to trust in the Lord when the future is uncertain. It was Kuya Prudy who taught me to go back to the book of Psalms when I feel down and depressed. And when a rock hit me that one Wednesday morning, it was exactly what I did. And this verse will probably become my life verse for the long period of time.

Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.
Ps. 27:14

I’m still in the middle of the storm right now. But just like the real storm where the eye is calm, I recognize God’s hope, I rest in his promises. In the meantime, I will be strong and courageous. I will wait on the Lord.

What do you learn when you’re in a crisis?