False identity, part 2

How to redeem your true identity

It may be hard, but the only way to fight low self image is to discipline yourself to constantly be reminded AND do the following:

1. Change the way you think about yourself. You are easily swayed by people’s opinion about you. You define your self worth by comparing yourself to others. You’ve got to change that kind of thinking. You’ve got to realize that you are NOT what other people say you are. You are NOT the product of your past. You are who God says you are! That truth has to sink in to your heart.

2. Receive your true identity from God. If God is the one who created you, he knows your purpose. He knows your value. No one does. No one can dictate who you really are. It’s God alone. If you really want to know your value and your purpose, don’t “look within yourself” nor allow others to define your value. Look to the One who created you, the One who knows you from the inside out and accept your identity from Him.

How can these basic steps help you redeem your true identity in practical ways?

Next on part 3, “Who you really are in Christ”.