Will there be partying in hell?

This is the kind of image we’re getting from Hollywood. Drunk, dope-high demons partying with the “sinners”. Sounds fun. Sin IS fun, in the first place and sinners are supposed to just extend it in hell, isn’t it?

My favorite Hollywood interpretation of hell is that Adam Sandler movie, Little Nicky, where he played part angel and part demon — because his father is a demon and the mother is an angel. Only in movies. :D Oh well, I may be biased because I’m an Adam Sandler fan.

We can laugh about those kinds of movies, but let me tell you this: hell can never come close to how Hollywood portrays it. It’s more fun! (Just kidding. ;-) ) Seriously, one of the most unthinkable description in the Bible is that there’s going to be unspeakable sorrow in hell.

Ever experienced being broken hearted? Or felt the sorrow of loosing someone you love? Or the disappointment of not getting that promotion that you’ve longed for? Multiply that by a million times and the sorrow one can experience in hell is just starting. In hell, you’ll eternally regret the bad decisions you made while you had your chance here on earth, because there’s no 2nd chances this time. One will weep because of the sorrow of being separated from their loved ones, for having no one to talk to — for all eternity. The saddest of all, he will feel stupid for not believing in Jesus, for not accepting the free offer of salvation. He must have heard the message while living but didn’t care.

Incidentally, I’m going to talk about “Hell” at Grace Place this Sunday. I only speak once in a while. Why do I always get the saddest topic. :D Just kidding, in fact, I am the one who picked this one. My passion is “evangelism” — for those of you who’s new to that term, it simply means sharing the good news. And yes, there will be good news when we talk about hell.