What I want to see in an asian iPhone

People rushed to Apple stores last week to become one of the firsts to lay their hands on what others call as the JesusPhone. Talk about the “Apple cult”.

Anyway, Apple officially announced that iPhone will be released in the Asian market by next year. Being an Apple fan myself, I’m looking forward to this — I mean, really!. On the other hand, there are conditions, and these might be yours too, for shelling out $500. I’m hoping that the 2nd generation iPhones will be the ones that will be released here in the Philippines, and will contain these features:

* 3G – definitely needed. I can’t live without this right now given the kind of work I have. This first generation iPhone has 2.5G installed, I believe.

* Open line – in the US, iPhone is locked with AT&T. Here in the Philippines, it would be hard to implement that since the PH mobile users switch carriers overnight.

* Chat client – I read from reviews that a chat client is not installed. This, in my opinion, will really rock our online world if this will be available. Imagine, you can check your emails THEN chat with your client to discuss the email over Yahoo IM while being connected on a WiFi hotspot — all without a laptop. Wouldn’t that be cool? Oh well, I’m hoping that Aduim already have an iPhone version by then.