I’m on a blogging hiatus. For the sake of my huge follower, namely my brother and another 4 that are subscribed to my feedburner, here are some updates.

* Kuya Prudy, my lead pastor at Grace Place, is blogging! Yeah! After about a thousand years, he updated his blog with this post. Go check it out.

* I’m also planning to start with a blog for Grace Place, simply called “The Grace Place Blog” where Kuya Prudy, Josh (our worship leader) and myself can pour our thoughts in. There have been some Grace Place related thoughts running through my brain that I cannot really include here for fear that most of my readers may not relate. We will announce it later when we’re done with the technical aspect of the blog.

* Things are going crazy in almost every aspect of my life right now. I want to give up. It’s just that this verse keep playing and playing in my head.