False identity, part 1

Our self concept is distorted — you may not be aware, we are all affected by this problem. Let me show you why.

We get our personal identity through:

1. What other people say about us. As a child, you probably heard a lot about you being “stupid”, or “worthless”. Mean people, even parents unfortunately, tell you things that may just be caused by anger or some mistakes that you did. In effect, we wrongly believe what they say about you.

2. What the media says about us. Ever felt so ugly when watching beautiful women on TV? They seem to look good effortlessly. And, the hard part is, they make you feel that you need to look like them, otherwise, you’re worthless. Media then makes you buy things that you do not like, you do not need and you do not have money to pay for. Just for you to feel good about yourself.

3. What you hear Satan tells you. Oh yes, Satan is real. If you’re hearing negative “voices” in your head, that’s normal. You’re not crazy. It’s just the enemy of God falsely telling you you’re not good enough, worthless, unlovable. Believe him and you loose your self image.

The key thought for this series of post is this: You are NOT what other people think you are, you are NOT what media say you are, you are not what Satan says you are. You are what GOD says you are.

What of these three identity theft can you most identify with?