I’m having a really tough week, make that tough month. I told my grace group this evening, I’m emotionally battered. A lot of times, I wanted to give up. I wanted to just go back to where I was.

Now, I follow several blogs through an RSS reader. About 50 in total, blogs I follow ranges from technology, personal, and church based blogs. One of the blogs I follow is that of Perry Noble, pastor of New Spring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. Perry is one of the young church leaders I admire and one of my inspirations in planting Grace Place in Metro Manila. We sometimes rip off some of his ideas, with his implicit approval, of course. I’m just so inspired with what God is doing in his church that I read all his post to check out what’s happening (or if there’s any new thing worth ripping off :D )

Tonight is another tough night. I’m here, working at 3 am. Problems with our clients, answering angry emails. Then I saw a new post from Perry. I’m not in a mood, I thought. But then, I’m drawn to that post entitled “God Speaks Through Pain”. And so I clicked. And read. And was shocked.

At the end of his post when he summarized, he said: I just feel led this afternoon to tell someone out there–don’t quit! Life gets tough sometimes–we will always have to deal with this thing called REALITY…and in those times we are called to fix our eyes on Jesus because THAT is when He can become more real to us than ever before.” It hit me. I felt like God specifically convicted Perry to post this message for me that afternoon. (Afternoon in SC, early morning here. Is this thing simultaneous? God!) “Lord, do you love me that much to send a message from the other side of the planet just to get my attention?”

I know thousands of other people saw this and might have felt the same way as I do. But at this moment, I can’t think of anything but be amazed with how the Holy Spirit works.