Safe is dangerous

“Safe” is when you dwell on your comfort zone because — well, it is safe and you are comfortable with being safe. Little did you know that by staying long enough in that zone, you’ll soon stand on dangerous grounds.

“Safe” is when you stopped pushing yourself to the limit because you are afraid of not knowing what will happen if you do.

“Safe” is when you…

* feel comfortable with what you know about your job. You do not try to improve. Time will come, you’ll stand on dangerous ground — everybody will be ahead of you.

* maintain the status quo in your marriage. Nothing special is happening, you just go with the flow of everyday life. Time will come, you’ll stand on dangerous ground — when a problem hits your family, you do not have enough love and closeness with your spouse to keep sailing.

* stay as an employee even if you feel you have the entrepreneurial spirit, because it’s much safer to just receive your monthly salary. Time will come, you’ll stand on dangerous ground — you’ll get burned out and start to hate your job.

* just go to church every Sunday (or every other Sunday for most people) because that’s how you were brought up as a kid. You do not want to make that next step of faith — to have a deeper relationship with Jesus and serve people through the church. Little that you know, you’re standing on dangerous ground. Your half-baked faith is no real faith at all. No unreal faith can save you nor can help you in your daily walk.

Step out of your comfort zones! Feel the discomfort. Feel the pressure. Stretch your limits.

– start learning new skills that will improve you professionally
– start dating your wife again. You were doing it before you got married, why can’t you do it now? Your love will go deeper!
– if you feel that you are gifted with that entrepreneurial spirit, go for it! Plan for that business venture! Start looking for funds. Start reading books and magazines about becoming an entrepreneur.
– make that decision to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus. Start reading your Bible. Start attending a Bible believing church. Start serving God through serving people.

Feel that holy discomfort. When you’re always safe, you’re in danger.

My inspiration for these thoughts:
Luke 19:11-26
“The Purple Cow” by Seth Godin

What “comfort zone” are you protecting? What can you do to go out of it and start doing the uncomfortable and break the status quo?

  • jane banal

    aha..your correct you said it all,,,all we need people is to have faith in God,, ONE STEP OF FAITH AT A TIME -Realying on God`s strength doesn`t mean he will require you to take giant leaps of faith.he`s taking you on a lifelong journy,and my experience is that God only asks for one step at a time.the so-called “leaps of faith“you see some people take actually are the culmination of a lot of little steps of faith that you may not be aware of.the first step is to ask God to be your strength as you take your first step of faith.willingness to rely on him is a step of faith……

  • Arnold

    Thanks Jane for the insight.

  • Tina

    Amen. :) God’s been teaching me to step out of my comfort zone since this year started, and I am finally doing something about it. Haha took me long enough! But I agree, safe is dangerous. Life begins when you take the risk. :)