Life 2.0 interviewed

Guitarchic, one of the few bloggers I follow religiously, sent these interview questions — because I asked for it. :D

So, here goes.

1. It says in your site’s tagline, “Jesus, Family, Technology, Ministry, in that order”. Why this order?

I want my relationship with Jesus to be the center, the first thing, the main thing, everything in my life. That’s very basic yet I consider it as the most important decision that I have to make everyday. My relationship with Joy, my wife and Johann, my son comes in next. I have to make sure they are on top of the priority list, they both should have quality as well as quantity time from me. Technology, or my work, comes in next, noticeably below “Family” because I believe that nothing including my work should mess up with my family.

And lastly, somebody asked me this: Why is “ministry the last in your priority list? I mean, doesn’t serving God deserves more attention than anything else?” Of course, it does. But what kind of “minister” will I become if I have a messed up marriage, a kid with an absentee dad or a bad employer? I have to make sure that I have a dynamic relationship with God, a growing relationship with my wife and son, and a good example to my employees before i can really serve God. I think this is one of the problems that most pastors are facing. So, I’d like to make it a point to have things in proper perspective.

2. You’ve been pastoring Grace Place for a while now. Say, if this ministry calls you to leave the comforts of your corporate job and go full-time, will you do it? Explain why you WON’T.

I can go full time in the future if that’s where God is leading me. At the moment though, it seems that God is allowing me to work AND serve at Grace Place at the same time. Being an entrepreneur allows me to work and earn for my family and at the same time serve the church with a little more flexibility than any typical bi-vocational pastors. Right now, I have control over my time — how and where to spend it. Being in this status at this point in my life, I can see God’s finger print all over the place.

3. If you are to share the gospel using programming and web applications language, how?

Grace (or God’s offer of salvation) is like a freeware Operating System under GPL (General Public License) — Linux for instance. It is given free of charge, you don’t deserve it because, unless you are a geeky geek, you don’t have any part in the programming of that OS. But you can only benefit from it if you download and install it your PC. It is also freely distributable. If you like the software, you can tell your friends about it too so they can also download it themselves. Others may reject it in favor of the pricey and buggy Windows. Nonetheless, others will respond favorably as they repent from using Windows and make a U-turn and install GPL-based OS’es, say Ubuntu.

Oh, by the way, if you’re using a Mac, you’re already in heaven. :D

4. If God blesses you with a baby girl, what are you going to name her? And why?

“Aesia”. That’s what Joy told me months ago. I really have no preference right now. But it has to start with “A” this time. :D

5. Give me 5 reasons why information technology is more appealing than your previous career, accounting.
1. IT is dynamic, accounting is stagnant.
2. IT will get you excited, or bored, nonetheless you’ll have something to expect. Accounting is a routine.
3. With IT, you’ll get to work 3 am if you want. In accounting, it’s definitely 8 to 5 — because your boss works 8 to 5.
4. Using theological terms, IT has “grace” — if you missed the mark, you can just edit the codes and “go on with life”. Accounting is “legalistic”.
5. Lastly, IT is not accounting, so that makes it more appealing. Period. :D

I can also interview you! Here are the rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

  • Riz

    #1. Ohhh. But you’re right, I was kindof wondering why you’re putting Ministry last. Question satisfied. I have to say, I agree. :)
    #2. Sometimes I get inspired when some Christians would give up their jobs to go full-time in the ministry or to be missionaries in, say, Timbuktu or some far off place where their lives could be at stake. Then again, God seems to always assure me that I am where He wants me to be, after all, wherever He calls us, He makes that place our mission field. No need to go far. My “timbuktu” could be right here, sitting next to me in my office. :)
    #3. Oh, by the way, if you’re using a Mac, you’re already in heaven. :D

  • Riz

    Okaay my comment got truncated. Anyway.

    #3. As I was saying, You almost got me with the OS and Linux downloading stuff and installing them part. The last part is unnecessary. LOL. What if you’re saying to an anti-MAC? (Like me??!) PFFTT! Hehe.
    #4. Aesia. Nice. I like the sound of that. :)
    #5. Haha. Your last item sounded a little forced. As if you just had to add that one because you couldnt think of anything anymore haha. But okaayy, i’ll accept that. Hehe.

    Thanks for taking time to answer this one, albeit the loooong delay :) Actually, you’re the only one who dared ask me to interview him. LOL. So thanks, your answers made me ponder on some stuff myself. ;) God bless po!

  • Arnold

    Hi Riz,

    #1. Here’s the context (I chose not to actually post it, masyadong hahaba). In the US, statistics show that more than 50% of pastors’ marriage ended up in divorce, most pastor’s wives would like their husbands to have a different job if they are given a choice, most pastors’ kids fall into sin because of the pressure of being that — a pastor’s kids. Reading between the line, probably the pastor was never home to be with “his flock”. Bad daddy. I’m not sure about the stats here in the PH. (But I’m sure your dad’s not one of them — you have a great family, you grew up with strong faith in God). I don’t want to fall into that category, so I have to make sure that I start right. Have a great relationship with God, with family and with others (including friends and employees). The result is a great service to God — the church.

    #2. You’re so right. In fact, my personal conviction is, I don’t have to go somewhere else if even in my own circle of friends, there are still lost people. My office is my Timbuktu. :D

    #3. Consider the last part as a “non-essential doctrine”. :-) We all have preferences on “non-essentials”. St. Augustine, “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In everything, charity” ;)

    #4. Yep. You got me. It took the last one 4 days before it was filled up. :D

    Thanks for the interview. I enjoyed it.

  • Riz

    Hayy, yeahh, the pressures of being a Pastor’s Kid, tell me about it. :) Ours was not a perfect Pastor’s family. Sometimes I feel that it’s not even close to the vicinity of being a model family that people expect of us. PKs backslide (albeit not obviously), fight with their Dads, and wish they’re not pastor’s kids. Hehe. And yup, sometimes I got jealous with my Dad too, back them, for giving too much attention to them church members more than we felt he gave attention to us. Of course, until I begin to realize that it’s a calling too, being Pastor’s kids, and that my Dad’s ministries are our ministries too. I’ll never have it another way. :) But you’re right too. God calls us in different ways, so it’s really up to us how we bloom where He planted us.

    Gaah. Maybe I should be posting this stuff on my blog instead. Haha. Ayt. ayan, nasesenti tuloy ako. haha. Thanks po ulit kuya :)

  • Arnold

    Sounds interesting! :) Go, go! Post.