Are you ready to die?

Scary question. We don’t even want to talk about it, do we? But the reality is, death is very real. It can happen to you and me — every moment now.

Tomorrow, we’re going to video shoot some people for interview with friends who died recently — a friend who was murdered a couple of years ago, a cousin who died a month ago due to cancer and a friend who died a couple of weeks ago due to aneurysm — all in their mid-20s. It’ll be shown this Sunday.

Here’s a key thought: The way you view death will determine the way you live your life.

This Sunday at Grace Place, we’re going to answer the question “What happens one minute after I die?” If you haven’t checked us out in the past, this the best time to visit. We’re meeting at Tiara Oriental Hotel (Makati). If you have been to Grace Place and missed the past Sundays, you don’t want to miss this one, I promise.