Tips for the voter

On Monday, May 14, you and I will go to poll precincts to vote for our government officials. You heard your candidates, saw them on TV or have seen their posters. Now, its time for you to decide. Here are some tips to remember come Monday.

1. If someone bribes you, get the money BUT vote from conscience. The money they are bribing you with is yours, it’s tax money stolen from us. So you deserve it. But remember, you don’t have to vote for that candidate if you don’t think he deserves your vote.

2. Before proceeding to the poll precinct, make a list already. Don’t depend on the sample ballot that you’ll be handed off at the gate.

3. If you’re thinking of letting this election pass, think again. Someone might fill up the ballot for you if you don’t go and vote.

3. Pray. I’m serious. Voting is a holy task. The Bible mentions about the government a lot of times. So whatever your decisions on who to vote, make sure you ask God for inspiration.