Tips for the budding entrepreneur part 2

Human Resources 101

1. Hire people based on qualifications and not based on relationships. You may be tempted to hire people just because they are relatives or friends. Save yourself from future headaches, don’t. I do have my brother on board and that’s because he has proven himself worth the job. He’s doing wonderfully well. Some friends on board are doing well too. But others? Pure headache. General rule, hire based on qualifications.

2. When relating to your staff on a personal level, get rid of the boss-employee mentality. Hindi na uso yon. I’m not saying I’m perfect on this area, but I realized that when I become authentically interested in becoming their friends, most become loyal (turnover is less) and are generally happy in what they do. Happy = productive. Relationships are vital in a good working environment. Be their Kuya (or Ate). Have fun with them outside the walls of your offices.

3. While being a friend to them is a must, you should also have the courage to have those uncomfortable conversations. I’m struggling on this area up to this time. In a perfect business world, a great friendly boss can talk to an erring employee in a way where instead of being disheartened, s/he will be motivated. It’s a skill every entrepreneur should learn.

4. Listen to your people. Listening is an important element not only in an employer-employee relationship but practically in all types of relationships. Be able to have time to listen to what they say. Be open to suggestions. Prepare to openly accept mistakes even in front of them (hey, you may be the boss, but you’re human too. And they’ll respect you for being authentic).