Maturing electorate

There have been frustrating news during the election period. But one thing that is positive, the electorate is maturing. Here are the evidences.

* Senatoriables and popular actors Cesar Montano and Richard Gomez are way below the race. Three years ago, action star Lito Lapid was among the top 5 if I’m not mistaken.

* Boxing hero dubbed “Pambansang Kamao” Manny Pacquiao lost his congressional bid to oppositionist Darlene Custodio. Nobody can match the love that the nation has for Pacman, nonetheless the people at General Santos City has a clear message — boxing is boxing, politics is politics.

* Mayor Jejomar Binay won via landslide vs. Senator “Leon Guerrero” Lito Lapid.

* Back in my home province, the 40-year-old political clan powerhouse Joson lost in all election posts. In Nueva Ecija, Joson is a brand name. In previous years, when they see a Joson running for an election post, they don’t care who s/he is, they just vote for them. We would joke around that if the Josons will have their dog run for governor, it will win. Their boat was unsinkable. Until this year’s election. I heard that from governatorial to mayorial (Cabanatuan City, the capital and other Nueva Ecija towns), the Josons lost.

* Lim is winning against Mayor Atienza’s son, Ali in Manila. What do the Manilenos want to say? “We don’t care if you have the same last name, but the son is NOT the father”. Clever, huh?

If there’s anything we should be proud of, as a nation, we’re becoming mature. Somehow, in due time, we’ll get to that point of political maturity where we’ll vote for people whom we know can serve well and not just because they are rich (and can bribe) or popular (as in actors and actresses).