Envy: part 3

Celebrate God’s goodness to others

What happens when the promotion you’ve been wanting goes to another colleague instead? Your friend just got a raise and bought a new iPod right away while you “suffer” with your generic mp3 player? What if your neighbor recently upgraded their car to a brand new Honda Civic 2007 while your Toyota Corolla XL 1998 craves for a new air con system?

One best antidote to envy is to celebrate the goodness of God to others. Be authentically happy for them. The Bible says “Rejoice with those who rejoice…”. (Romans 12:15a)

Be happy for those who are blessed, because one way or other you too are and will be blessed. That’s what I’m going to talk about tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Enjoy God’s goodness to you

How can you celebrate the goodness of God to others in a practical way?
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