Envy: part 1

I’ll start with a series of posts on my reflections on this week’s message at Grace Place entitled “Envy” (Part of the series “The Sickness Within”)

Envy. Everyone of us is plagued by this. No one can say that they are exempted. Let’s be honest: we envy people with better jobs, better gadgets, better relationships.

The Bible says, envy rots the bones. It does, in a lot of ways. Remember Cain, the brother of Abel the sons of our first parents Adam and Eve? Cain, in his envy of Abel, led him to murder. You may start with an envious feeling towards an office mate who’s got a better cellphone than yours. But it may lead to a slippery slope of stealing, lying, hatred or murder (ok, that one’s too much).

In this series of posts, we will try find God’s cure to envy. I will discuss 1 “do” and 2 “don’ts”. I’ll start with the first one tomorrow.

What or who do you envy? I‘m encouraging you to participate in the discussion by placing your comments here.