Passion is not just about sex — awrite? — as our society has managed to minimize the meaning of the word to anything sexual. Passion is that fire inside you that pushes you do radical things. Passion makes you think, dream and pursue. Passion drives you crazy. Passion gives you sleepless nights thinking about how to fulfill that burning desire in your heart.

Some have passion for cars — ever saw a guy who eat, drink and sleep in his car? That’s an exaggeration, of course. Some have passion for music. They can’t sleep when hearing a new tune for a fresh song — they need to write it down, they need their guitar or keyboard right away otherwise, they’ll burn. Some have passion for technology. Oh man, I know a lot of people like this. They’ll kill for the newest cellphone model. They hunger for new technologies. They know the new trends — Wifi, broadband, Twitter, MacBook, iPod nano — name it, they are up to date.

I have a passion for people. I want to see people come to Jesus and experience the same kind of love, peace and purpose that I, together with a bunch of others who have started a relationship with him, have come to experience. The Philippines is no-doubt a Christian nation. Most people have heard about Jesus. But how many have really had a chance to really listen? I doubt if there’s plenty. Several reasons why: first of, they thought Jesus is boring. From childhood, they were thought that Jesus gets angry very easily, that Jesus can only be pleased by you if you do something good. As we grow up, Jesus is being presented in churches as an irrelevant God. A person who doesn’t care about our personal lives. The Bible becomes the most boring book — because it is being presented as a book about doctrines and not as a medicine that cares for our daily concerns. TV becomes more relevant than Jesus. Why? Because, at least, we can identify with that newest telenovela characters!

We believe that Jesus is not the boring kind that we thought he is. That’s why it is my passion to make Jesus relevant in the lives of people around. He still cares about the people’s personal lives, he cares about our decisions, he cares about our hurts. It just have to come across clear to us. That’s why when Kuya Prudy and I, together with a dozen of volunteers launched Grace Place last year, we want it to be a place of excitement and relevance. We want to have a place where you will be comfortable being yourself, a place where messages can be spoken in a language you can understand. A place where everything is relevant to your daily lives. A place where you can share your spiritual gifts and talents. A place where you can be proud of being part of it. A place where music rocks and multimedia is used. And most specially, a place where you can meet God, the real Him. Not that angry, on-looker from above but that God of compassion, love and grace. That Jesus that is so involved in your personal life, that guy who’s so passionately in-love with you to the point of dying for your sins. That God.

This is my passion. This is the desire of my heart. Pray for me, please, as I am praying that God would not allow the enemy to snatch this passion away. I am under attack. My family is under attack. I will never allow him to win over me, he has been defeated 2000 years ago! But I’m still in this unglorified state we call human body. I can fail, and I hate it if that happens.