Random thoughts

1. Yesterday was awesome at Grace Place. We ended our series entitled “What if…” with a big bang. Kuya Prudy encouraged the people to go out of their comfort zones and bring one more soul for Jesus. That soul could just be anybody whom we care enough, somebody whom we could introduce to Jesus and in return experience the same peace and joy that we are experiencing right now. People moved forward and posted the list of names God has convicted them to care for. As a result, 143 names were submitted for prayers! Awesome! We will be inviting them this coming Sunday as we try something that we haven’t tried before for the sake of explaining the gospel in a language that people will understand. Grace Placers, bring people to church this coming Sunday. I guarantee you, you’ll not regret the effort.

2. Our praise band is really improving. I mean, I can now say that we rock! If people are enjoying praising and singing with the band, isn’t that a good indication that we have improved a lot? It is only at Grace Place where I see people asking for an encore after the last song has been played. :-) Isn’t that wonderful? People wanting for more and refusing to leave the hall! Now, that’s contrary to a typical church where people wants to rush to the door as soon as there’s a chance. I’m not sure if we can maintain this energy even after we grow to the hundreds, but sure I’m enjoying what our people are experiencing right now. Praise team, I’m truly blessed by your dedication and talents. I praise God for you. Let’s continue to grow and improve for God’s glory.