Quotable quotes: Facing the giants

We saw the movie “Facing The Giants” on DVD over the weekend. The movie is an inspirational, faith-based story about a college football team and their coach. This line caught my attention:

Coach: I prayed so hard, but I still can’t seem to win.
Mr. Bridges: I heard of a story of two farmers praying to God for rain to come. Both prayed but only one prepared the land. Who do you think trusted God more to send the rain?

  • http://facingthegiants cheyenne

    i love this movie it is so intellagent and i hope that thay make a facing the giants 2 becuse it is just so inspiroing to me?

  • http://facingthegiants alexaNDRIA


  • Edwin Simposya

    I have been asking God for “rain” but I’ve never prepared my field for it. Thanks for the movie, my eyes have been opened.

  • Emily H

    This movie is sooo amazing and it has inspired me sooo much. The actors did a veryyyyyy good job. keep it up!

  • natalia

    actors? good job??
    pleaaaaaase! they sucked!!!!!!

  • http://none Erin

    Yeah the acting wasn’t great, but were you paying attention to the story? This church didn’t have alot of money to put into high profile actors, but they gave their heart to it and wrote a great story. Glad it did well.

  • Millie

    The actors may have not been professional actors but everytime his hands went to his head, tears fell from my eyes…my favorite quote….”I am so overwhelmed.: GOD CAN DO IT, Just keep the faith.

  • rose

    who’d have thought that someone like me we’ll cry over such a movie. it was so inspiring that i cried everytime grant will say something so inspiring. it’ll just give hope to everyone who aren’t confident with their actions and the person they are. though the actors aren’t really that good, i care not. story was the important one, besides they did their best to make it really inspiring..

  • http://fgasdfgdaf jarrod

    i thought that this movie was very well thought out and that the characters had a good strong head on their sholders for god i just thank god that we still have good strong christians that arent afraid to stand up for whats right

  • real

    it is really a good story. ^^

  • julian

    this movie sucks

  • kuriboh!

    that probably means you're no christian.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000107386581 -Mulyono Tunardy-

    Yup, I watched this movie 3 time, and 3 time too I almost cry, especially the last part, when the Coach going home and heard that he will become "A daddy team"
    Nice movie, love this :)

  • Joel_miranda321

    the most remembered lines in that movie.

  • Dr Pepper_rockin

    I just remembered this line when i was questioning wether or not 2 trust God to give me something