One thing about moving places — whether in a house or office space — is that you’ll have a whole lot of opportunity to sort out things and fill your garbage bin — or bag — with stuff you do not need.

We moved to “The Fort” (The 4th floor of our building at Summit One Tower ;-) ). Two weeks and I’m not yet done with cleaning up and sorting of my papers and files. The other day, though, I had a chance of sorting my drawer files for transferring to a new drawer. That process was both exciting and disappointing. Browsing files 4 years of age bring back memories. Isn’t that exciting? I was smiling, frowning and crying (ok, that one’s an overstatement) at the same time.

But mostly, I’m disappointed. I realized that I hoarded 4-years of garbage — no wonder I wanted to buy a new drawer for thinking that I have no more room for new files. Bills, old contracts that wasn’t executed, resumes of people I don’t even remember interviewing… a whole bunch of garbage occupied the space that should have been used for useful information. In my estimate, I only saved about 20% of my files. The rest filled up one whole black garbage bag.

I’m thinking now, is my life full of garbage without even knowing it? Regrets that keep me from moving on? People that I never forgave? Hang ups that should have been dealt with long ago? Life could have been more easier today without the garbage of yesterday.

What are the garbage that you’ve been hoarding?

The better question is, how can I get rid of my garbage?

Just like what I did with my drawer, it’s a good thing to sort things out one by one. Look at the past. What are the things that you’ve been holding on but should have been given up long ago? Decide which part of your past is useful and should be kept and which are those that should be left out to make room for better things in life.

I’m a guy who likes to hoard. I better learn how to maximize my space.

  • nagibi

    It seems as though you are full of garbage!

  • Arnold

    Yeah, my drawer is. ;)