I wanted to write something more profound, something that may inspire you. I wanted to tell you about some wonderful things that is happening at Grace Place. But I’m exhausted, probably burned out. Physically and mentally. But one thing I can do right now — thank God.

Things have been crazy down here. We have moved our office to a bigger, better room. It doubled what we had before. The move was painful. There was money involved, construction that needed supervision and strategies to maintain so we will not have downtime. I’ve almost — yes, almost — finished a project. Grace Place’s strategy for the coming lenten season suddenly changed — that is, for good, but will require more energy to accomplish.

As I’m wining down minutes before I leave the office, I am thinking how God has been so wonderful for sustaining me physically and emotionally throughout this crazy season. Yes there were frustrations, but the blessing overwhelms.

Are you in a season of your life right now where you feel like things are going crazy around you? Relationships failing? Career not getting any further? Financial crisis? Jesus will sustain you.

I’ve got to rest. I need it badly. Honey, son, I’m heading home.