Have you ever felt so overwhelmed because things are going crazy, and everything seems to be happening in one week? I do.

My sister arrived Monday from Austria. She’s getting married today, Thursday. At the office, this week’s the moving in week to our new office space at The Fort (actually, it’s The “fourth” floor. Somebody here coined that cool term — “where’s your office located?”, “we work at The Fort, da 4th floor). Yes, that’ll be Room 405 at Summit One Tower to be exact. I’m supervising the construction. Plus, I’m also finishing up a project long overdue. It needs to be submitted Friday. At Grace Place, I’m preparing for Sunday’s message. I’m the one who’s going to deliver it. (It’s amazing, I only speak once every message series, and my turn falls on this crazy week). And oh, by the way, yesterday’s Valentines Day. I had to prepare for that too.

Ever heard of the colloquial term “ngarag”. That’s basically it.

If ever I’ll survive this week, it’s because of the grace of God. And so far, He’s been cool! Thanks, Dad!