How God looks at you

Look at the mirror. Do you like what you see? What do people say about you, do they call you names? For most of us self-worth is dependent on our appearance, achievement, other people’s approval, affluence; all of which are, needless to say, superficial and temporary. If we’ll judge ourselves by these, we’ll end up frustrated because we won’t measure up to that standard, the society’s ideals.

The Bible tells us of a story about a man named Zacchaeus (Luke 19 ), who by people’s morals can be considered a midget, a thief, a social eye sore. But despite all of these Jesus chose to speak to Him, amidst the throngs of people, on a first name basis. That is because our reputation as an individual does not affect the way God looks at us. In His eyes we are a prince, created in His own likeness and purchased by His Son’s blood.

There are 3 fundamental truths on which we should base our self-worth:

No matter how insignificant you feel, Jesus notices you. In this world full of important and famous people there may be times when you feel irrelevant. But just so you know, you are not an accident. The thought of creating you excites Him long before you were conceived by your parents. God planned the day you were born and how long you would live; He sculpted your face and the distinctiveness of your personality. Each one of us was created for a purpose and our own place under the sun. We are God’s masterpiece and he loves us so. He definitely takes notice.

No matter what others say about you, Jesus affirms you. People may have something to say about you, but who cares about bad rep, the Lord looks pass on who you are right now, rather He is thrilled on who you will become in the future. The bible says, “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.” Ps.27:10

No matter what you’ve done, Jesus wants you. You may have done something wrong in the past, countless times, but the bottom line is God still loves you. He never stop running after you. The proof of the matter is Jesus, who came not to condemn, but to bridge the gap between us and the Father. All of us is far from Mr. or Ms. Perfect but God doesn’t care. For Him our value does not depend on what we’ve done, but on what Jesus did for us. All He wants is a relationship with us.

Understanding this truth will free us from the lies of this world and from a rat race existence, this truth shall transform our lives. That is if you open your heart and see for yourself how Jesus looks at you. You are that person who’s picture is in His wallet, He thinks of you day and night. For Him you are one priceless jewel, and why wouldn’t you, your soul cost Him His Son.

The next time a wave of insignificance drives pass you, think about this:

I am not what other people say I am.
I am not what I think I am.
I am who God says I am.

(a cross-post from a lady who’s a better writer that I am. This one’s great, hon.)

  • ganns

    Arnold, I’m going to BlogParteeh07! Post ka na, asap! ;D

  • ganns

    Arnold, I’m going to BlogParteeh07! Post ka na, asap! ;D