Exciting 2007 for Grace Place

Grace Placers, are you ready for something great this year? Grace Place will ROCK this 2007. It’s going to an exciting year!

1. We’re going to start off with a new series next week entitled “Changing from Inside Out“. This 4 week series will give us insights on how to break the rut, how to change for the better and allow God to empower us to change from whatever habits, bad character or hang up that we long want to get away with.

2. Then on February, we’re going to launch a huge campaign we call “Thank God, it’s Monday“. It’s a series targeting the young urban professionals, specifically employees of Makati. It will talk about the workplace and how to enjoy their job. We’re going to talk with companies to allow us to invite their employees personally. We’re going to distribute flyers on Makati Business District and MRT stations. We’re going to have new small groups in offices that talks about these topics. This is going to be huge and we’ll be needing your help to make this campaign successful.

3. And after that, during the Lenten season, we’re going to have a 2 week series that will empower you to share Jesus to your friends and relatives. This is a passionate series about the sufferings of Jesus and what it meant to each one of us. There will be multimedia presentations and its going to be special.

That’s just for the first quarter. There’s a whole lot more for the rest of the year.

4. And lastly, we’re going to launch a ministry we call Gimik Groups. It’s not the same as our typical Grace Groups or Growth Groups. Gimik Groups will just be a venue for our friends to know the people at Grace Place. They need to know that we are fun to be with and not a bunch of religious fanatics (as most people think about *church*). At Gimik Groups, everyone of us can arrange a group that can watch a movie together, play basketball or bowling or Timezone. No *religious* stuff, just pure evangelistic fun.

Ride in this exciting train! 2007, here we come! Yeah!