What’s so special about Christmas?

Let me be a little controversial as I start: I believe that Jesus WAS NOT born on Dec. 25. Do your research, dudes. Jesus could have not been born on a winter. Commemoration of Jesus’ birthday on Dec. 25 came only later during the time of Emperor Constantine.

No, I’m not trying to start a “Do we have to celebrate Christmas or not?” debate. The reason why I mentioned that controversial fact is for us to shift our focus from what this season, most liberals calls only as the “holidays”, has clouded our minds of — gifts, shopping, parties, santa, reindeer, lights — to the real essence of the celebration.

What’s so special about Christmas?

Well, what’s so special about July 20, 1969? It is the day where man landed the moon. President Nixon, overjoyed with this breakthrough, proclaimed, “This day marks the most important event in the history of mankind”.

The great evangelist Billy Graham corrected him, “With all due respect, Mr. President, but the day man landed the moon isn’t the most important event in the history of mankind, it is when GOD landed on earth in the form of a man in the person of Jesus Christ”.

That’s why Christmas is special, folks. Christmas, whatever day it is that we want to celebrate, marks the day when the creator stepped into our lives in the form of a creature. It is a day when he decided to “come out of his comfort zone” because of his love towards mankind — that includes you and me. It is the day when Jesus started his journey that will eventually lead to him sacrificing his life and pay for the sins that you and I had been committed, is committing and will commit.

If you’re doubting if God can ever understand you when you’re afraid, when you’re tempted, when you’re discouraged, when you have the biggest problem on your shoulders, think again. Christmas made it possible for God to understand your deepest struggles in life because he himself became man and dwelt among us like a normal baby, a normal kid, a normal teenager, a normal worker (he was a carpenter). He had problems with his staff — one betrayed him and one denied him. He had problems with his family members including his brothers — at the beginning of his ministry, they won’t believe him. Jesus knows how you feel because he went through the same struggles that you and I am undergoing through. That’s because of Christmas.

(Incidentally, Grace Place will have a special Christmas celebration this Sunday with a very special message entitled, yes you got it, “What’s So Special About Christmas?” This blog post is NOT the summary :D So, if you’re near Makati area, I’d like to invite you to be my guest)

All the other stuff are good, those are fun and can’t-celebrate-without. But understanding the real essence of Christmas can make you enjoy the season even without those, even without gifts and the lights and the fancy activities. Because you know that God has already given you the most precious gift you can imagine, in fact the most precious possession in heaven — Jesus Christ. Make him the love of your life. Your Lord. Your Savior.

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