Exciting Christmas Month at Grace Place

Just like the other Saturday nights, I’m wide awake at 1 am preparing the multimedia materials for tomorrow’s service at Grace Place. I should say though that I’m more excited than ever before. Here are the reasons why:

1. We’re kicking off our new series for our Christmas month entitled “God’s Gift For You This Christmas”. And to keep the Christmas wind felt even more intensely, we invited a choir to sing for us. Now, for the church that I grew up with, choirs singing on worship services are normal. But for a contemporary, praise and worship type of church that Grace Place is, you can only hear choirs singing once in a blue moon. And with the help of a very good friend of mine, a room mate back in the college days, we are able to invite his group to sing for us.

Aside from seeing the choir sing tomorrow, one thing that excites me, too, is the awaken memories. You see, back in college, being in a singing group — or a choir — was my life. I was part of 2 singing groups — Rhesonic Harmony and Evangel Chorale. During breaks, we travel and sing in churches. We’ve traveled as far as Baguio in the north and Iloilo in the south. That was fun. And hearing the harmonies of acapella voices tomorrow will sure tickle those memories again.

2. I’m going to use for the second time in the service my new MacBook. Oh, yeah! God has answered my prayers last week. I better post a separate one for this.

3. We’re expecting guests to flood tomorrow. With God’s grace, people will be blessed. Grace Place, keep on inviting your friends and see how God does his job of changing lives.