2006 reasons to thank God for this 2006

It’s Christmas eve, a time to reflect, a time to thank God for the blessings and gifts he has given this year.

#2006. A fruitful year for Team Sparrow.

#2005. Johann has been healthy this year. While there’s a couple of major hospital trips, he was generally very healthy — unlike early 2005 when he was hospitalized for 1 week due to diarhea.

#2004. I got a new MacBook. And loving it each day.

#2003. The volunteers who helped us to launch and run Grace Place. Guys, you’re the best. We may not be able to compensate your efforts, but you know that God has a reward waiting for you later on in this life — if not here, in the next.

#2002. Grace Place launched this year. Yeah, God! Go God! We’re waiting for you to do more tremendous things through this group. We have a long partnership ahead of us. :D

#2001. Joy is becoming more beautiful each day of the year ;) Oh yeah. She’s my wife. But can you blame me for being addicted to her?

#2000 down to 1…The 2000 and more ways that God has shown his infinite, incomprehensible way of loving me each day of my life. Thank you Lord. You’re the best. I may have failed you in the past, and sure I did, but I exist to worship you because of what you did, what you are doing, and what you will do in my life. I will still offend you next year, I guess, knowingly or unknowingly. But I am secured because of your grace. I don’t deserve it, but you still give it to me anyway. May 2007 me a notch higher than 2006 in terms of knowing you and serving you.