Philippine’s ridiculous politics

Sen. Panfilo Lacson announced today he’s not running for re-election at the Senate and instead will run for Mayor of the country’s capital, Manila City.

Suddenly, Lacson’s long time nemesis, Mary Ong a.k.a “Rosebud” announced that she is also running for mayor in the same city. Her reason?

“Ping [the senator’s nickname] Lacson made me decide to run. This is the time I’ve long waited for, to have a face-off with Ping. I will run because I want to go head-to-head with Ping, wherever he goes…”

Ridiculous… and stupid. She’s running because her enemy is running? How’s that as a motive for serving the public! What if, heaven forbids, she won. What would she do for 3 years? Run after Ping?

Hay, naku! What has become of our political culture.