How to deal with resentment

A woman sent this email to her pastor. “Dear Pastor, I always seem to get trapped by the reality of my life, that it has not turned out as happy or as good as I’d planned or hoped for. I’m not thankful for my marriage. My husband left me for a prettier woman years ago and I battle constant loneliness. When I see couples together it hurts. And I’m not thankful for my job. I feel stuck in a dead-end job and I feel unappreciated. And while I watch other people move forward financially, I feel that I’m getting further and further behind. Now I’ve developed a host of health problems that constantly nag at me and in my moments of self-pity it just doesn’t seem that life or God is fair. Now I know I should feel thankful but the truth is what I really feel is resentful. I look around at other people who have it better than I do and I wonder out loud why God didn’t make my life different. I know that a lot of my problems I created but some of the things were just beyond my control. And I feel like I got a raw deal and I don’t feel very grateful to God. Please help me.”

Can you, in one way or the other, relate with this woman? Are you feeling resentful of somethings that happened in the past or even on what’s happening in your life right now?

Now, I’m not going tell you what the Bible says about resentment in this post :D But this Sunday at Grace Place, we are continuing with the series “How To Deal With How You Feel”, this time, we’re dealing with the feeling of resentment.

If you are attending Grace Place, dudes, this Sunday is the best time to bring a friend. We’re sure they’ll appreciate this timely and personal message. If you’re a lurker in this blog and lives just near Makati area, I’d like to invite you to be my guest. Shoot me an email if you’re not sure of the location.

Have a blessed week, everyone.