This week, I’m attending 2 both extreme concerts.

The first, which will be today, is a praise and worship concert to be lead by Hillong’s youth group United. I initially felt that this one’s not for me. Reuben Morgan? Yes. But can my 31-year old eardrum carry Joel Houston and Marty Sampson?

Oh well, my worship team at Grace Place will be there to support me. Most of the team will be there, plus Kuya Prudy and Joy and Gayle and Je and Kuya Enjel — all of whom are way past our teeny years. I’m not going to be alone. Mwahhaaa!

Then on Saturday, I’m going to have a date with my Dad. We’ll see Bee Gees — Robin, the last guy alive of the 3 Gibb brothers will be in Araneta. Some of you reading this must be laughing. Go on and laugh, but just remember, The Bee Gees was the rock stars in my dad’s days. And remember this day when your kids will laugh at you 20 years from now for watching and shouting “Whooo, Hallelu-halleluia!” at Bamboo’s comeback concert. Mwahhaaa! :D

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