Grace by which I stand

Yes, you’re still visiting Arnold Gamboa’s blog site — formerly known as “Better Than Life”. I had to change the title (and the layout to go with it) for one very good reason — Grace Place is stealing it. :D

Grace Place launched 2 Sundays ago. To prepare for the launch, we had to distribute flyers and establish a “marketing” website. The campaign used the tag line “What is better than life?” to describe what Grace Place has to offer. (More information on the website). The church wants the tagline, who am I not to give in? We printed bookmarks and established Pretty cool, actually.

That’s the reason why my blog site now carries the title “Grace by which I stand”. It’s an adaptation from Keith Green’s song that carries the same title. I’ve been singing that song since college and only until hearing it again a few months ago, about 6 years after my “grace awakening“, I got stunned by the message of the song. The chorus says,

“But nothing lasts, except the grace of God
By which I stand in Jesus
I’m sure that my whole life would waste away,
Except for grace, by which I’m saved.”

Exactly my life’s experience. I am saved by grace, sustained by grace, healed by grace, liberated by grace, and if I fall away, I will be restored by grace. I am growing as a Christian not of my own strength but by grace, I can love back because of grace, and I live only because of God’s grace. All of me exist because of God and his loving-kindness. My friends, my loved ones, the economy, the country may fail me — but the grace of God stays, and I can live with that.

(What is grace?)

This blog is about that daily experience. I remember, my early days after my spiritual rebirth carries the mantra “Under Grace”. I’m going back to the same line so I’ll be reminded that what I am, what I got is under God’s grace.