Click: Giving time to what’s important

I am a self-confessed Adam Sandler fan. I don’t think I missed any Sandler movie at all! Every single movie, man. :D

Joy and I caught his latest, Click, 2 weeks ago. The ever screaming when upset Adam was still there. The typical sweet chick partner is ever present (Kate Beckinsale did great, but my favorite Adam Sandler love team is Drew Barrymore). But this one, in my opinion, is the most profound ever. It touches on one of the most neglected part of a busy person’s life, that is, to give time to what’s most important.
You may be reading this and is one of those busy guys in the city. I am, with a company to run and a start up church that requires attention. The temptation for us is to focus on what’s pressing and neglect the important. But, in our death bed, you’ll realize which are important and would either regret for not focusing on them on your lifetime, or rejoice because you enjoyed accomplishing those.

I haven’t really “got it” yet — I hope I won’t come across as know-it-all — but let me share with you some practical ways to be able to focus on what’s important in the midst of a busy city life.

1. Date your wife — if you’re married, take time to date your wife. Remember the time when you were still dating? You were very excited every time you’ll date her. But now, you wake up with her face staring at you, you come home seeing her, it seems that dating isn’t needed anymore. My 3 years of being married testifies that it still is definitely needed! Even if I see Joy everyday, we don’t really have a quality time together for a lot of factors I don’t have enough time to discuss all. And so, if I don’t intentionally make it a point to spend some quality time with her each week, the relationship suffers. I think a night together doing things that you both like is wonderful. We both like movies, and so every Monday, we dine and watch a movie. Earning money for your family is really important, but what if you don’t have a family — a wife — to spend your money with in the first place because the relationship suffered in the process? So, take time to spend time with your wife. If you’re ‘a wife’, bring this idea to your husband, I know he’ll love it.

2. Call your parents regularly — this is where I err, big time. Do call your folks on a regular basis. Visit them on special occasions. It’s hard when you’re busy, I know the feeling. But you’ll regret if you won’t when you’re in their deathbed.

3. Spend time with God alone each day — I’m not talking about going to church on Sunday. It’s not enough as eating once a week isn’t enough for our body. Talking and listening to God in your quiet time each day will make your life easier and in proper perspective. If God is important, he has to have his place in our day.