Sexy billboards

Last night in the news, the Department of Transportation demanded the advertisers to get rid or change the location of huge billboards, especially those with sexually suggestive contents, along major Metro Manila roads. The reason is simple — it’s distracting to motorists.

It’s like this: most drivers are men, men are visuals in nature, sexually suggestive contents of ad billboards are attracting to men, which means, its just a matter of time before a 10-vehicular-involving-cars-and-buses accident happen along EDSA.

Let’s face it, its really distracting, not only that they are huge, it’s “inviting”. I’ll be lying if I won’t admit that I am also “distracted” by those sometimes when driving along EDSA.

Incidentally, this morning, while blog-hopping, I found very relevant posts from two bloggers. Read their takes on this issue. They’re ladies, so if you’re a guy reading this, I’m sure you’ll get a fresh perspective aside from the typical testosteronic point of view. :D

I grabbed these two images from them to deliver the point.

What makes this billboard relevant to telecommunications?
Ah, this kind is rampant in EDSA.

So, there you go. I agree, get rid of those billboards and be home safe.