Sustaining Grace

God did not just save us, He also would like to sustain us with His grace throughout our lives. Sustaining Grace is the thing that keeps us going when you want to quit; The bible tels us that life here on Earth will be difficult, but alongside with this is an assurance that He will be with us,no matter what happens. This is His sustaining grace.
There are three stumbling blocks of life where we will need His grace the most.

1. Temptations. When you are torn between moral choices of doing what is good and what makes you feel good, you are being tempted. Temptations in itself is not a sin…yet. It’s like birds, you can’t stop them from flying over your head, but you can do something so they won’t build up a nest in your head. It will always be the Devil’s business to tempt us, because the moment we turn our heads to his deceitful promises, we are his. But be rest assured that God won’t allow it. For as long as we trust Him, the Holy Spirit will guide and strengthen us to go out of that situation. Just like a shepherd leading his flock out of the dark cave, God’s sustaining grace will give us the power to overcome temptations.

2. When we are tired. Most people doesn’t want to go through the difficulties of life, rather, they want to live life the easy way. It is really tiring to stay honest when everybody around you is stealing; it is draining to be polite to someone who is rude. It is because Christianity is not hard, it is impossible. Impossible, that is if we try to do it on our own. But if we place the holy spirit in our hearts and trust God’s grace,we can stand firm for Christ. Having Jesus work with us and through us will sustain us with energy when we are tired to do His will. It will enable us to do what is right, let alone be different from everybody. It will recharge us to continue to do what is right…even if there’s nobody looking.

3. Troubles. Problems are inevitable. No one is spared to go through life problem-free, not even King David. The good news is, through God’s grace, these problems draw us closer to God, it force us to look to God and depend on Him more. If we concentrate too much on a problem it weighs us down, but if we focus on Jesus and what He can do in our lives we’ll be at rest. Isa. 41:10 says, “So don’t worry, because I’m with you. Don’t be afraid, because I am your God. I will make you strong and will help you; I will support you with my right hand that saves you. Trusting in God’s promises we can now declare that our problems are big, but our God is bigger.

Earth is not heaven, and God in His great mercy doesn’t want us to suffer senselessly while waiting for Him. His grace augments what we have in lacking. In accepting this we can now trust God when we are being tempted, praise Him even when we are weary, and thank Him in spite of pain.

Summarized by Joyce Gamboa
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