“The Pope is NOT 666” – SDA professor

There’s a growing popular view among Adventist scholars that disowns the traditional Seventh-day Adventist interpretation of the Roman Catholic Pope being the 666 described in Revelation 13. One of them is Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D., Retired Professor of Theology and Church History, Andrews University.

(Of course, as expected, the “new interpretation” did not depart from the Sabbath being the center of the “Great Controversy”. Note to my readers: I do not support even this “new interpretation”)

So, for the sake of those who still thinks and holds to the traditional “Vicarius Filli Dei” interpretation of 666, listen to your own. Here’s Dr. Bac’s 20 points why the Adventist traditional interpretation of 666 is incorrect as originally printed in his newsletter.

1) The Adventist pioneers early identified the Mark of the Beast with the enforcement of Sunday observance, but they were uncertain regarding the meaning of the Number of the Beast (666).

2) Initially, some Adventist pioneers, including J. N. Andrews, believed that the number 666 of the Beast was made up of approximately 666 Protestant sects who had accepted the authority and teachings of the Catholic Church.

3) Uriah Smith appears to have been the first Adventist leader to mention Vicarius Filii Dei as a possible interpretation of the number 666. His proposal first appears in an editorial published in The Review and Herald issue of November 20, 1866.

4) Eventually Uriah Smith’s interpretation became widely accepted due to the influence of his books Daniel and the Revelation and The United States in the Light of Prophecy.

5) The sources cited by Uriah Smith to support his identification of the number 666 with the pope’s title Vicarius Filii Dei, are the accounts of two eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen the inscription on the pope’s tiara while in Rome. One claimed to have seen the inscribed papal tiara in the Vatican Museum and the other witness during an Easter Mass celebrations. Both accounts are discredited by the fact that papal tiaras are not displayed in the Vatican Museum, nor does the pope wear the tiara for Mass celebrations. The three crowns gold Tiara has been used primarily for the coronation of the pope—a practice that has been discontinued by the latest three popes, John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI.

6) A significant search for inscribed papal tiara was conducted in 1905 by Chas T. Everson, an Adventist missionary serving in Italy. At the request of several church leaders, especially Prof. William Prescott, a leading Adventist educator, Everson conducted a thorough investigation that providentially led him into the very dressing room of the pope, where some tiaras are kept.

In spite of his unique opportunity to view several tiaras at close range, Everson was disappointed in not finding the inscription Vicarius Filii Dei on any of them. He wrote: “But while we were pleased to see brilliant crowns, yet we were disappointed in not finding the object of our search; for the inscription Vicarius Filii Dei was nowhere to be found inscribed upon the tiara, as the accompanying photographs show very plainly.” He concludes his report, saying: “to be perfectly correct in our statements, we cannot say that there is an inscription of this nature on the tiara at present” (Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, July 27, 1905, p. 10).

7) One of the stunning pictures of the papal tiara sent by Everson to the General conference, was modified by an Adventist artist who added the words Vicarius Filii Dei to the golden tiara. The Southern Publishing Association used this “doctored” picture of the tiara in the revised edition of Uriah Smith’s Daniel and the Revelation. When confronted with the incriminating evidence, the General Conference gave immediate orders to stop the printing any further copies of the book, until the fraudulent pictures were removed.

8) Prescott requested an opportunity to make a presentation to the General Conference officers. Some of the officers were convinced by Prescott’s arguments, but others thought that the issue needed further study. At any rate, they all agreed that in the meantime “the interpretation should not be repeated.”

9) This episode was soon forgotten. Vicarius Filii Dei was a too neat fit to Revelation 13:18 to be easily abandoned, so it continued to be a popular interpretation, in spite of the action taken by the General Conference.

10) In 1935 Francis Nichols, editor of Present Truth, published an article alleging that Vicarius Filii Dei was the pope’s official title, inscribed in the papal tiara. As soon as the artitle appeared, the popular Catholic magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, challenged Nichols to produce the evidence or to stop using biased and dishonest anti-Catholic sources to make such claim. Nichols asked Prof. Prescott for help to justify the claim, but the professor responded that there was none.

11) Eventually a special study group was set up by the General Conference chaired by Elder Howell, hoping that some more reliable information might be found on the use of the pope’s title Vicarius Filii Dei. LeRoy Edwin Froom was sent on a special research assignment to the Vatican to seek information on the pope’s title Vicarius Filii Dei, but he found nothing of significance.

12) In 1948, LeRoy Froom, Editor of Ministry, issued a strong warning against the use of fraudulent tiaras in evangelistic meetings. He wrote: “In the name of truth and honesty this journal protests any such use by any member of the Ministerial Association of Seventh-day Adventist denomination (our worker body), of which The Ministry is the official organ. Truth does not need fabrication to aid or suppress it. Its very nature precludes any manipulation or duplicity. We cannot afford to be party to any fraud.” (The Ministry, November 1948, p. 35).

13) The warnings given by the General Conference and by Ministry did not stop the preaching and the writings on the pope’s title Vicarius Filii Dei, allegedly inscribed in the pope’s tiara. The reason was mentioned earlier. Legends that capture popular imagination, never seem to die, no matter how incredible they might be. This gives me reason to believe that no amount of compelling research done by competent and dedicated Adventist scholars, will ever succeed to suppress what has become an Adventist popular interpretation.

14) Recent Adventist studies on the book of Revelation have concluded that the traditional numeric interpretation of the number 666 of the Beast, lacks both exegetically and historical support. Thus, they have proposed a symbolic interpretation of the number 666 on the basis of exegetical and historical considerations.

15) The Seventh-day Adventist Church at large was informed about the new symbolic interpretation of the Number 666 of the Beast by the Sabbath School Lesson of June 1-7, 2002. The lesson dealt specifically with The Mark and Number of the Beast (Rev 13:16-18; 14:1). The principal author of the Sabbath School Quarterly is Angel Rodriguez, Ph. D. He has been serving for several years as the Director of the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference.

16) Regarding the Number of the Beast, Dr. Rodriguez writes: “The Number of the Beast. The mark, the name, and the number of the beast are closely related (Rev. 13:17). Many suggestions have been made to explain the meaning of 666. Here we must be very careful. The Bible does not say that the number is the added numerical value of the letters of a name. . . . Some see in the meaning of 666 a symbol of humanity separated from God. Humans were created on the sixth day, and the number can stand as a symbol for humanity without divine rest (the seventh day).”

Dr. Rodriguez concludes, saying: “At the present time, the symbolism of intensified rebellion, six used three times, and total independence from God seem to be the best option. Time will reveal the full meaning of the symbol” (Thursday, June 6, 2002).

17). Dr. Rodriguez continues giving three reasons for rejecting the traditional Vicarius Filii Dei interpretation. He writes: “First, it is not clear that this title is an official one.” My research has shown that Vicarius Filii Dei has been used as one of the papal title, but it is not the official title. The reason is that the pope has many titles, not ONE official title. The most common title is Vicarius Christi, which is similar to Vicarius Filii Dei.

18) The second reason Dr. Rodriguez gives is that the phrase “it is a human number” (v. 18), suggests that the number represents “humans separated from God.” This is an important point, ignored by most people, because the KJV inaccurately reads “it is the number of a man” (Rev 13:18). The key phrase in Greek reads “arithmos anthropou” (Rev 13:18), means “human number.” The phrase suggests that it is not the number of a name, but the number representing a human condition of rebellion against God. The triple six suggests a determined effort of the beast to promote the worship of himself, rather than of God.

19) The third reason given by Dr. Rodriguez for rejecting the Vicarius Filii Dei interpretation is that the text does not specify in which language is the numerical value of letters to be counted. He writes: “Third, those who insist in counting the numerical value of letters confront the problem of deciding which language will be used. Because the text does not identify any language, the selection of a particular one will be somewhat arbitrary.” (Friday, June 7, 2002).

This is a decisive observation. It is absurd to assume that the original recipients of Revelation could identify the number 666 with the pope’s title Vicarius Filii Dei. Why? For two reasons. First, this title was unknown in John’s day as it was coined eight centuries later in the forged Donation of Constantine. Second, the Latin language also was largely unknown to John and his Greek-speaking readers. His call for wisdom to understand the number 666 would have been senseless, if the information needed to understand the number was still eight centuries in the future, and if the language of the title was foreign to the recipients of the Revelation.

20) My personal reasons for accepting the symbolic interpretation of the number 666 presented by Dr. Rodriguez in the Sabbath School Lesson, are based on four major considerations:

1. John’s use of numbers in Revelation. This is the key to understand the meaning of numbers in Revelation. Very little attention has been paid in Adventist studies to the symbolic use of numbers, especially in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation.

2. The importance of the number 666 in the pagan worship of Babylon and ancient Rome.

3. The symbolic meanings of 666 in the Bible.

4. The relationship between the mark of the beast and the number of the beast.

  • Chrisluaya

    Are you sure? How sure are you? Give me an evidence?

  • SDA

    @597081911dcc0f301ae6d9c4b5070d91:disqus This is true. Samuele made a book “From Sabbath to Sunday”. This is COMPLETELY against the Bible and SDA doctrines.

  • Blessthefall_143

    i have seen many videos regarding the pope, that’s why i surfed on the internet to find proofs they were wrong… Sigh kids these days.

  • Anonymous

    Some one out-here has a problem? Samuelle Bacciochii was a jesuit infiltrated and the medal of gold he received as good student and reward was just a rubbish between himself and pope is just a rubbish only to impress and fake, and get your mind away.

    The prophecy concerning the number of the beast 666 as quoted on Revelation 13:17,18. it is made to prove is true and it is, OK?

    In order to sustain it decently and support the the prophecy you got to have lots of Biblical knowledge and support, and it happen that you have to know what motivates to be this way, 1st. of all to support the war in heaven where the devil lucifer was cast to the Earth and filled the whole world.

    Than to understand that GOD gave to humans the deliberate choice of making the right decision who to follow : GOD on HIS Holly Sabbath (4th. Commandment) or the devil that has the mark and his number 666 of the beast on the hand and forehead.

    Once those that to choose GOD for various reasons which in most cases are the general principles by following GOD sincerely and the true NATURAL LOVE* for HIM or because of fear as is quoted in the Bible in Proverbs 9:10, Ecclesiastes 12:13. etc.

    Once the people are gathered together is GOD’s choice to choose who he wants as he did with Abraham with all the promises, isn’t it? than come Isaac, than jacob and finally his 13 children of which only 12 are accountable as the tribes.

    One member as represents the fallen tribe of wrong worship with the name of : Issachar where comes the papacy because he instead to worship with the face to the altar he entered into the sanctuary which was facing the altar to the West and behind him was the East where the Sun rises Issachar was turning with the back at altar and GOD in the West of the sanctuary and was bowing to the Sun as the church in Rome was doing after the decree of emperor -constantine the great- in 321 AD.

    The new christians by the pattern of the emperor start doing what were doing in Old Testament, Issachar and now all others which fall short from the Glory of GOD from many other tribes for -europe- is full of them adding to the same spiritual principles of him, Issachar is not by himself for one sheep follow each other isn’t it?

    Has been given this crucial opportunity for people the reassess their spiritual values again as the Ezekiel prophecy are showing, beside the pilgrimage from -europe’s- reformation of going to USA and seventh-day adventist which fall within the prophecy to be the leaders of it they had fallen with all kind of rubbish as individual and corporate. 

    So what is going to happen now? all those that fall disgracefully shall be judged with capital punishment and those that didn’t shall join the catholics including all other non Sabbatical protestants to prove the wrong worship of Issachar from OT.

    I believe that Peter the 1st. pope was from the tribe of Issachar for GOD knows who is who even he was a fisherman.

    Going back to the subject of the number of the beast the Prophecy from Revelation 13:17,18 etc. it result that from the writing on pope’s crown of ceremonial celebration of taking the position the pope  is written : -vicarius fiili deii- in Roman numerals result to 666, what you got to understand that the inscription is in English.

    Well it is also in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic etc. which comes to the same number of : 666, it mens to be this way because of the prophecy as is for Issachar from OT and all other for GOD know what he dose, isn’t it after all?

    In the Book of Daniel the imagine of -nebuchadenzzar-  king of Babylon was made by the same figures dimensions of the statue of 6 6 6, all other tribes were bowing to the image with dimensions of 6 6 6 but Daniel and his friends NO, for the reason were thrown into the ferry furnance hot 7 times, isn’t it?

    See this number appears for other various circumstances to prove that they did not follow GOD and out of about 3.6 millions forming all tribes together violating the 2nd. Commandment of GOD for the reason GOD allowed to destroy Jerusalem on the 3th. attempt and to take the people into slavery for 70 years for did not keep the 10 Commandments anymore.

    And if they did not keep the Commandments anymore  were committing adultery, murder, steeling, laying, coveting, no Sabbath and making idols as they did not knew the difference like Daniel and his friends of not bowing to the imagine of the king  by violating the 2nd. Commandement, all has to do with the Commandments of GOD.

    Why do you think the number was with the figure 666?, all numbers has their NUMEROLOGY and GOD made to be this way and this way remain for the devil, simple for other numbers fulfil something else into HIS NUMEROLOGY.

    This is the origin of this number for false worship, for instead to worship the CREATOR Issachar worships the creation which is the Sun, for GOD charge the people with false worship all over the Bible and He Say : ” for you worship gods of wood and stones instead to worship the Living GOD”. Sun is creation is not GOD, it is true that you can get advantages of it but it doesn’t means it is GOD, TODAY IN THE WORLD PEOPLE CONTINUE TO WORSHIP THE SUN.

    For whosoever worship creation fall by violating the principles of the 2nd. Commandment which deals with idolatry, isn’t it? and this Commandment has special promises to be fulfil as good on people which are in His presence or not even they are in his presence into the closed sanctuary as building, church or out  for those do not attend.

    So the pope is 666. And he is not from the tribe of Issachar he is from a different tribe altogether, but why he is serving as pope and cross the tribes, it is because of his personal poor spirituality. Can he become a good spiritual being not to belong to the tribe of Issachar in worship? yes if he has an ardent desire of following truly and fully GOD the Creator.

    I hope my explanation conclude all doughs concerning this issue.

  • Armando Rances


    You are just defending the position of your Congregation with the same speculative delusions that you learned from them. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, Why don’t you understand that the original disciples of Christ have changed already the day of Sabbath based on the day of Christ’s resurrection (1st day of the week–Sunday) of which day of the week, they–the disciples and the early followers of Christianty–gathers to celebrate the resurrected LORD of Sabbath–Jesus Christ. The Lord of Sabbath was the first one among his disciples and follower to have been accused of violating the Sabbath by the Jewish authorities because he worked on the day of Sabbath. The “Day of Rest” (Sabbath) was ordained for the good of man; not man was made for the  Sabbath, Jesus said. The Authority to Rule the earth was given to the Son of God (The Lord of Sabbath). Before the Lord of Sabbath left the world, He delegated his authority to Peter (the Leader) and to the remaining apostles. Peter and Christ’s other apostles did the same to the leaders of the church they organised before they left the world; they delegated their authority to them the same way Christ did. God deserted the The temple of Jerusalem, had the Roman destroyed it to fulfill Jesus’ Good News that “The Vineyard will be given to another tenant,” because it’s former tenants fail make the  vineyard bear fruits. The new Tenants–Christ apostles headed by Peter was given authority to set rules through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that guides them. This Authority to set rules for the church was given to the leader of the true church–Peter–based in Matthew 16:19–I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    So, why are you questioning the church’s keeping Sunday as the Christian’s Day of rest when that was the tradition initiated by the apostles and the early followers of Christ–gathering to celebrate the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection–first day of the week–Sunday. We are Christians, not Jews. To keep Saturday as a sacred day of rest is Jewish. The wisdom of having a day of rest introduce in our ancient sacred laws was to ensure that slaves were given a day of rest by their masters.

    I’m sorry to tell you that you are misguided if you believe that 666 is the number of the devil. It was a number of a man, the 2nd persecutor of Christians after Emperor Nero. Nero instituted the persecution of Christians; he belongs to the 1st beast–Julio-Claudean Dynasty–that perished because Nero left no heir to the Imperial Purple when he died; intensifying the civil war in Rome. Since Nero was condemned “Damnatio memoriae” by the Roman Senate, his Institution (Christian Persecution) was technically outlawed. But when the coming of the 2nd beast–Flavian Dynasty through the recognition by the senate and the people of Rome of Titus Flavius Vespasianus as the legitimate successor to the lost Imperial dynasty founded by Augustus, Nero’s Institution was revived when the last of the three (3) emperors of the Flavians–Emperor Domitian, 8th legitimate emperor of Rome–ask the Roman Senate a Decree that will exterminate the Christians and the Jews by slaughtering them empire-wide for refusing to worship and address the emperor “Lord and God.” For this, John the apostle, Bishop of Ephesus and the 7 churches of Asia, suffered torture; and when they failed to kill him, Domitian banished him to Patmos Island. Based on Revelation 13:11-18 the “mark” will be instituted by the 2nd beast; and the 2nd beast was long gone already before the end of the 1st century A.D.

    We all Know that the Revelation was written figuratively. The “mark on the head” could be something put into your memory like when you blindly believe and honor Emperor Domitian as “Lord and God”–you have put in your head–memory–that you honor Domitian as God. The “mark on the hand” as clue was given–No one would be able to buy and sell unless he has the mark on his hand–pertains to the coins used in buy and sell business that has the image, name and title of the emperor. Many coins were minted in different language in honor of Emperor Domitian throughout the duration of his reign.

    Better read all my post on this blog, so that you may know that the prophesy about Revelation 13 and 17 were completely fulfilled already before the end of the 4th century.

    By the way, number six (6 or VI) in Chaldean Numerology is the number of Venus–the number of love. Adding 666 (6+6+6) = 18 (XVIII)–number of the Moon–symbolic of materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of the nature. The number of the “Devil” is 15 (XV) Check the secret signs hidden on the Tarot on this site:  

    There is no Tiara of the Pope that has an inscription, “vicarius fiili deii” beause that is never a title adopted by any pope of the R.C.. The  title of the pope is “Vicarius Christi.” “Vicarius fiili deii” is a fiction used by the SDA for their unethical dirty propaganda purposes. Is lie, a work of a good Christian? However, granting that, that fallacy is correct, why did your unqualified numerologist not assign numeric value to the letters, “A,” “R,” “S,” “F,” and “E?” Why did they assign zero (0) to these Latin letters? Classical Latin alphabet used during John’s time have all it’s own numeric values and notations. Like, R=80, S=70, F=40, and E=250. Adding those Numeric value that they zeroed to the fictitious “Vicarius fiili deii,” will render your fallacious 666, rubbish. HA! HA! HA!….

  • Anonymous

    Why you do not argue the point with IDIOTS SDA for
    myself I left them 7 years ago for are just junk stupids, enveous, liers, gossipers you name it.

    Myself I like the people of this planet as long as they
    listen of what I got to say for their own benefit for I am Priest for 22 years and Pastor since 2009.

    Many knows I am right but pride, envy, arrogance et. do
    not let them HUMBLE.
    Do you know who made christianity? the idiots pharesee
    in old testament and when the time fulfiled about jesus fight him after his death the pharesee reorganised from around 200 AD as jews.

    Why the world has to follow them in spirirtuality and
    not GOD and to accept what is truth, I got the truth and GOD uses me to deliver it to sincere people.

    In this world are to many religions which destroy
    rather build for instance the PIGS jews murdered my both Grand Mothers one at the age of 36 and the other at the age of 37 and the 1st. born out of 7, fuck them with their religions, junk idiots.

  • Armando Rances

    You’re entitled to your own opinion; but I see myths and defects on your previous post. Seems you clings to the “Vicarius fiili deii” myth, like the SDA’s to safisfy a desire to pin the Roman Catholic Pope on that fallacious speculative interpretation of the prophesy that was fully fulfilled already on the 4th century A.D.. As I said already, the SDAs and the victims of this myth, ignored the numeric values of “A=500,” “R=80,” “S=70,” “F=40,” and “E=250” on their “Vicarius fiili deii” myth because it will refute their 666 manipulations. The schemers of this Vicarius fiili deii fraud chooses to manipulate the computations using the modernized Roman numerals of the Medieval Time so that they can zero these five (5) letters. Deceptive manipulations of religious nature is an evil guile; a devils work.

    Better think and meditate carefully if we feel we are being used by God or otherwise.

    Check that myth on this site:


    There are many strictly followed Jewish laws that were relaxed already to the Christian by our Lord Jesus Christ. One of these was the law on forbidden foods. The Lord showed Peter those animals forbidden for food and told him that those are no longer forbidden  Before, the gentiles were not accepted as God’s people because they eat foods forbidden to the Jews and they are uncircumcised. God’s covenant with Abraham states that “whoever is uncircumcised will not be considered as God’s people.” But Peter and the apostles witnessed that when the gentiles listened and believed the “Good News” they preached, the Holy Spirit filled these Uncircumcised eaters of forbidden foods. You see, not only the law on food, but God’s covenant with Abraham was relaxed also. The Christians are under the “New and Lasting Covenant with Jesus Christ.” The Christians were liberated from the Laws imposed on the Jews. Christian life must be guided by wisdom. So, why do we, the true Christians care about the SDA’s Jewish mentality clinging to the Law of Sabbath imposed on the Jews? Christians were saved already by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are no longer bounded by the Jewish Law because those who are still under that law are bounded by it. We don’t have to keep the 7th day as Sacred as the Jews held it because we are Christians not Jews. The Lord of Sabbath gathered his apostles on the 1st day–Sundays, not on Saturdays after his resurrection. To tell the Christians they are violating God’s Law if they don’t keep the Sabbath on Saturdays is like the Jews telling the gentile Christians that they will not be saved still because they are uncircumcised. Christians must free themselves of Jewish mentality.

  • Anonymous

    I am not interested in numerology, I am sick enough
    of idiots sda which invade my life and privacy a bunch of idiots with junk ceremonies and rituals and stupid conversation of their master : jesus -drink my blood and eat my body-, ever since I left I fill very comfortable of not listening of their holly CRAP of : cross, nails, sacrifice ,blood, drink wine don not drink eat bread do not eat, go to HELL and Hel…..sinki with rubbish religion of the stupids phareseo-judaic for this pests killed my both Grand Mothers at the age of 36 and 37 and the 1st. born out iof 7.

  • James

    what books or web sites did you use to find a=500, r=80, f=40

  • armando

    The problem with your interpretation about that 666 is that you based it on a previous misinterpretation based on hallucinations and fiction. Be factual about interpreting prophesies based on verifiable fulfillment of those prophesies. 666 appears in revelation 13, and John made it clear; it’s man’s name, Many computations were published already that point’s to Nero based on the letters of his name in both Hebrew and Latin alphabets. In Revelation 17:9-10, John specifically pointed out the exact time of the events of the vision of Revelation 17; during the rule of the 6th King–the Emperor of Rome. 5 of them have fallen already; Nero was the last to fall–the Julio-Claudian Dynasty perished with Nero because he left no heir. Nero was the one attributed with ten horns coming from the sea in the vision of John in Revelation 13. There was a Jewish rebellion in AD 66 that Nero have to send the might of Rome against the Jews. He sent the Father and Son, Vespasian and Titus to quell the rebellion. While the campaign against the Jews is going on, rebellion broke out in Rome against Nero. Nero committed suicide. Isn’t he the fatally wounded beast in John’s Vision in Rev. 13? Nero the Beast–who instituted the persecution of Christians a couple of years earlier in AD 64; and is prophesied will come out again 10 times? With the Death of Nero, John saw another vision Rev. 13; a beast with 2 horns of a lamb coming out of the earth (Land) in their land in Judaea. Meaning–the next emperor that will replace the extinct Julio-Claudian Dynasty will come from their land in Judaea. Exactly… Vespasian The Judaean Legate of Nero was Proclaimed Emperor by the Armies of Egypt, Judaea, and Syria. Vespasian became the 6th legitimate emperor (King) mentionend in Rev. 17:10. His son Titus who ended the Judaean rebellion Succeded him, ruling only 2 years and 2 months. That is why the beast that Jonh saw in Judaea has 2 horns; it represent Vespasian and his son Titus who suppressed the Jewish rebellion in Judaea and both became emperor. Vespasian’s 2nd son, Domitian became the 8th emperor on the death of his brother Titus. As it was Prophesied in Rev. 17:11 Domitian the 8th Emperor of Rome Persecuted both the Christians and the Jews for not honoring him, “Lord and God.” the 8th emperor was the 1st horn of the Beast–Nero; reviving the persecution instituted by Nero himself. So, from here you can already conclude that Revelation 13 have concluded already; and that the 666 prophesy existing during that time ended with the death of the kings represented by the 2 beast.

  • armando

    Hi, James:

    Below is the the dictionary where I got those Roman numbers and notations. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in the markets as of now. I bought it I think during the later half of the 90’s. I hope there will be another edition of it in the near future. Here is it.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Armando,

    Myself I learned about Daniel and Revelation 23 years ago, I had been treated with illicit drugs and hallucinogens and I can prove it but who is sincere to admit it (in Romanian language is a say which sound like this : “the mouth of the sinner say the truth” -gura pacatosului adevarul spune-).

    About the Pope’s tiara claiming that is written : Vicarius Fiili Dei, I learned that is written on the one for 1st. time Coronation not on the one which goes in the garden, is it true?

    Why all this comments and debates about them and why we go for what others in the church has to say under their name instead of the church’s standard learning.

  • Armando Rances

    Better dig about the ancient talisman and magic squares so that you will stop speculating about that 666. I told you already it was Nero who was represented by that number. Being an initiate of the cult Mithra, Nero was worshiped by King Tiridates I of Arminia as SOL (the sun god) when the king of Armenia went to Rome to be coronated by Nero as King of Armenia.

  • Myers

    This website explains it all in the finest detail
    It brings together the chiastic nature of the book of Revelation paralleling chs 13 and 17 matching every element of the prophecy with the papal record. In short, Pope Francis is that man whose number is 666