Saving Grace

“The Lord is gracious & compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love”. Ps.145:8.

It is God’s nature to give us blessings, not to punish us; to give us what we need, and not what we truly deserve. This is what we call Grace. So what really is grace?

It is God’s Gift to us. When someone gives you a gift, surely it’s for free. God’s grace & forgiveness is free. In fact, Christianity can be spelled with just 4 letters, DONE. Jesus finished our salvation on the cross, and there’s no need for us to do anything (sacrifices, good works, mourning, guilt) because it is already done‚Ķabsolutely free. And, we just got to believe it to Receive it. The good thing about grace is that, it is Available to everyone. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”. Romans 10:13 (NIV). God’s love and forgiveness is not just limited to churchgoers, the pastors, but to everyone who believe in God.

Grace comes through Christ, only through Christ. Why? Because He was the one who paid for our sin, with His own life. The Bible says that the punishment of sin is death, and it only takes one sin for us to die. Imagine, one lie, one lustful thought, one stolen penny would cause us our life. But Jesus in all His graciousness has taken that punishment away from us and took our place on the cross instead. When the Father gave us the gift of everlasting life, He didn’t get it for free, He bought it with the life of His son Jesus, the most valuable treasure in Heaven. When Jesus died, heaven went bankrupt. We all deserve to die, but Jesus covered our sins with His own blood, so that when we face the Father, our own transgressions are no longer visible. It would be Jesus’ face He would see, and all will be forgiven and forgotten. All God wants is for us to live our life in Jesus.

The Grace of God is extended throughout Eternity. Acceptance of His love means living forever, not only here but also in heaven.

Life may be hard because this is not where God intended to live with us forever. Accepting God is the true insurance plan. Everything we ever hoped for, everyone we want to be with is in heaven. We may feel embarrassed or undeserving of His love. But we have to remember that He sent His son Jesus not to condemn us but to save us. Too good to be true? But that is the truth. God is waiting for us, no hidden charges, tax free, no hidden agenda, just you and God, and that’s for free.

Summary by Joyce Gamboa
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