The ugliness of traffic enforcement culture — update 1

This is the first update of this post I made about a MAPSA operative trying to suck up some bribe from me.

Yesterday, Joy and I drove to Makati Government office to file the complaint. As we were parking, a guy on MAPSA uniform “guided” as and asked, tutubos ba kayo ng lisensya, boss?

I nodded.

Pahugot nyo nalang, para mabilis. Translation: don’t go through the process, just hand me some bucks and I’ll just pick out your driver’s license from the files. You don’t pay “too much” and spared the long line, and he gets extra cash for his drinking session with the buds later in the evening.

No wonder too many people wants to be in the uniform. They must be getting more from bribes than their salaries.

I respectfully said no, thanks.

We proceeded to the office where we filed the complaint. I filled up a piece of paper with the narrative of what happened during the apprehension last Sunday. There will be a hearing on March 21, 2006. That’s next Tuesday. I assume Marquez, the MAPSA bribe-me guy will be there. Bring him on, baby!

Going back to the parking lot and about to leave, the MAPSA who “welcomed” us saw us. Sir, ok na?

‘Di pa. Nireklamo ko si Marquez. He just realized he picked the wrong guy.

To be continued…