Experience Life Together

Hebrews 2:10 (NCV) says, “ God is the one who made all things, and all things are for His glory. He wanted to have many children share His glory…” We were all created to share God’s love, grace, kindness, and His glory. Share here means belonging to one of a number owning something together. In a family, siblings share their parent’s name, love, possessions and everything else around them because they love each other. For there can be no sharing if there’s no relationship, trust, and if there’s no love. If the first value of our life is Worship, Fellowship is the second. Fellowship means loving God’s family. If there are 2 things that God wants us to do in heaven, that’ll be loving Him – worship, and loving our fellow believers as well – fellowship. And for us to be able to do it God wants us to start practicing now, with His family, the church.

There are four stages of Fellowship:

Level 1- Membership. It is when we choose to belong. For a baby to grow, he needs to have a family who would love and take care of him. Same is true with us, we need the help of our brothers in Christ who would love and nurture us toward spiritual growth.

Level 2- Friendship. It is when we learn to share our experiences, our homes, our problems, with our fellow believers. It is when we practice to open our hearts for others to enter. For when we share our joys with each other our happiness is doubled, and when we share our troubles it is divided.

Level 3- Partnership. It is good to love with all our hearts, but it pays to do our part. In a family all members have some chores to do, because each one of us has to function. “The whole body is fitted together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole Body is healthy and growing and full of love.” Eph.4:16 (NLT) The Lord wants us to discover our talents and gifts and use it. With these gifts He very wants to see us grow, enjoy life, and use it for His glory.

Level 4- Kinship. Loving believers like family. KOINONIA, it is a greek word which means dedicated to each other as Christ is dedicated to the church. While it is divine to offer one’s life for another, small sacrifices for a brother can go a long way. When we give up little comforts in life for a friend, we build relationship. Relationship, that’s what life is all about, it is never about accomplishments. In the family of God, we will learn how to love not the ideal people, but real people.

by Joycelyne Gamboa
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