Wowowee Stampede at the ULTRA — who’s to blame?

A game show that is supposed to “give life” for most people camped at the ULTRA, gave death instead. 74 people died in a stampede, 500 more injured. Upon hearing that news, we immediately called Joy’s 2 close relatives. We heard that they were at the ULTRA on that fatal morning. We are able to contact one, and feared that the other were among those who died. Thank God, after around 3 pm, she’s back home and safe.

I’m not into blame-game. I know myself, at least a part of me, and I’m not really a person who’s fun blaming. But I can’t help myself now, seeing very obvious reasons why this thing happened. If I’m going to play the blame-game, I’m shooting the following:

1) ABS-CBN and the game show WOWOWEE — I’m a “Kapamilya”. But I’ve seen their abuses. The game in itself is false advertisement from the core. “We just wanted to help the people”, Willie Revillame, game show host said. The people? You are helping the people if you are able to give money to 10,000 of them. But one million to one individual? You’re calling it people? They are abusing the poor to say the least! They know that the poor needs money — cold cash — so they are maximizing their weakness by promising money. Talking about giving false hopes! That happens if you promise to give away 1 million pesos just by answering several dumb questions (yes, giving dumb questions is part of the trick. The people will say “Ang dali lang naman ng mga tanong, kaya natin yan!”). What if, If they’re really trying to help the poor, instead of cash for 1 individual, the prize will be jobs for thousands. The millions of pesos the’re giving away can definitely create jobs. But they know that “jobs” isn’t attractive as cash. People will not flock to their studios, ratings will be low, and sponsors won’t like the idea. This is really an ugly business ploy.

2) The people — I don’t blame them for their being poor. It’s really a sad fact that most people who go to WOWOWEE are coming from the urban poor population hoping that they will find luck by going to the game show. But why on earth will you bring your 4 year old child! I’m a father and I know how it will feel to loose a child. I feel for the Dad who can’t help but cry and embrase his baby lying in the morgue. I can see in his eyes — he wanted to punch the wife on air while being interviewed for bringing their only child. And grandmas aging 75 years olds? Man.

I don’t know if our poor kababayans can read blogs, most likely not. Pero alam nyo po, ang kaligayahan ay hindi nakukuha sa biglang pag yaman. Wag nyo pong kaingitan ang mga nakikita nyo sa telebisyon na may magarang kotse o bahay. Bukod sa pinaghihirapan din nila ang mga iyon at hindi iyon biglaang nakamit, may mga problema din sila na maaring mas malaki pa sa inyong nararanasan. Sa kabilang banda, hindi ko winawalang bahala ang kahirapan na ating nararanasan. Sa awa ng Diyos, makakaraos din po tayo. Maaaring sa paraan na hindi natin inaasahan, ngunit naniniwala po ako na ang Diyos lamang ang makakapagbigay ng kasagutan sa ating mga hinaing.