When the network goes down

… it’s like a slippery slope. Thursday last week, our production/dns server here in the office is getting wild. She must be experiencing her own middle age crisis. Goes down, restart. Goes down again after another day. Restart. Its bad when this happens at 5 am with the night shift do not know what to do. The clients roars, and I wake up in the middle of a nice sleep.

Last Monday, she died a painful death. Her motherboard collapse eventually. And it would be too costly if I’ll replace the motherboard. So we decided to terminate her service for good. Our PC router got her job and I got a fresh D-link AirPlus G+ Broadband router. This also gives us the flexibility to expand the network via wireless connection in the future. Unfortunately, for some reasons, the network goes down once is a while. I’m thinking, the router might not be able to handle our traffic when the guys are busy. I’m thinking of returning her to the shop for another brand.

to be continued …


Update: It seems that the D-link AirPlus G+ broadband router now works. Yesterday, we have not experienced any drop in connection. It seems that there is *somebody* within our network that’s causing the problem. No, not a cracker. A workstation that conflicts with the IP addresses of some workstation. I had to make the entire network DHCP dependent. That could have solved the problem.

Ah, the work of a network administrator wannabee.