The irony in Philippine Politics

February 22-25 marks the 20th anniversary of EDSA People Power — the only real one as far as I’m concerned — and is supposed to have been celebrated with remembering how a dictator can cease to become one when the people with passion for freedom and democracy move together as one.

But February 24, Friday marks one of the biggest irony in Philippine politics — that the fears once eliminated in 1986 are the same fears that hunted freedom. I don’t have the links for you, but you can search it all over internet based Philippine newspapers such as

* midnight Thursday, coup humors makes our beloved President skip her bed to meet with her cabinet.

* early morning Friday, she declared Proclamation 1017 a.k.a “State of National Emergency”.

* all celebrations commemorating the 20th anniversary of People Power were prohibited. Palace said arrests will be done even without warrant.

* rallyist continue with their march. Prof. Randy David — one that I admired — was arrested.

* Daily Tribune, an oppositionist newspaper, was raided. ABS-CBN reported several policemen roving around their offices. Are they being pressured?

* Saturday, the police started to hunt opposition leaders and congressmen. Satur Ocampo evaded arrest. Crispin Beltran was ridiculously arrested via a 21 year old warrant. Just recently, another Bayan Muna representative was arrested in Davao. Hell, I may also be arrested for blogging against the government!

* Yesterday, the marines almost started the the coup.

What’s happening? Is it martial all over again?

Former President Fidel Ramos asks, “Why can’t she (Arroyo) just be Cory Aquino under fire?” Why — the lady is in panic. What can you expect?

My brother in law works at a US based call center. He said their ex-pats flew back to the US never to return again. He said, before their bosses left, they said if this thing keep on happening, their clients may decide to pull out. Read: my brother-in-law, together with thousands of young graduates, will be jobless — again.

That’s what happen when you sweep the dirt under the rug. Haayy, Garci.