Thanks for coming to GRACE PLACE church planting team launching

For those who came, to say that I’m blessed with your presence is an understatement. I cannot describe the kind of fun I experienced last Sunday seeing people who don’t know each other yet enjoying each other’s company considering that most of you met just for the first time.

I’m very impressed by the kind of energy all you guys have shown. Passion for Jesus — I think that’s the key phrase. The kind of passion that will make a dent in the lives of people around us — yuppies in particular, right? :D And that’s what Grace Place is all about. We’re going to love Jesus more and as a result, we’re going to love people more so they can also love Jesus in return. We’ll use extraordinary ways — radical ways if needed — just for them to get a glimpse of the grace of God.

For those who missed it, you missed a lot — big time! :D

But don’t worry, last Sunday was just the start of it. This Sunday, we’re starting a series we call “What GRACE PLACE Values”. We will start to immerse ourselves with God’s grace and learn how we can apply these when we do our public launch after 3 months. Please do come — you won’t be left out, I promise.

Some of you asked me if they can start bringing in guests. The quick answer is “yes”. While the themes for the next 3 months would be building up the team, the messages will be on a general tone and the Bible truths applied to our daily lives. They will be blessed too.

For those who brought their Christian friends who later on signed up as volunteers, thank you, thank you! If you still have some Christian friends who you think would like to enjoy this exciting ride, bring them in.

Till next Sunday.