Newness of the New Year

It’s always exciting to start a New Year with new stuff. Sometimes, the excitement dies down as the days pass by, but what the heck, it’s exciting to be excited! :D

Here’re some of my new things for the New Year.

1. New blog layout. Version 6 code named “Appled”. Started December last year, I used Mac OSX (Tiger) as my work box in the office. I’m excited about it to the point of redesigning this blog in “honor” of my new toy. The header is made through GIMP (OSX version) on an X11 window. Thanks to Urban Giraffe for the theme.

2. New church in Makati. This year will mark the birth of a new cool and hip church for the yuppies. If God wills, Grace Place will launch mid of this year.

3. New operating system. At work, I searched and tested several Linux desktop distributions to replace the existing Micro$oft Windows. And now, the workstations are almost 100% converted to Kubuntu Linux So far, so good. Almost everything that we needed is accomplished with (K)ubuntu. Give it a couple more years and Windows will surely tremble in fear. (K)Ubuntu needs a good marketing ploy, on the other hand, to be able to effectively “evangelize” the world of its benefits.