New Year oxymorons

An oxymoron is defined as “a combination of contradictory terms”. Examples of oxymorons are wise fool, ignorantly learned, laughing sadness, pious hate. Honest lawyers. :D Just kidding.

Here in the Philippines, every New Year season, the television networks are feasting with fortune tellers. From Feng Shui consultants to astrologers to Quiapo card readers — they are all asking their assistance to “predict” what will happen to the coming year. What will be the “lucky business” for the year of the fire dog? Is it a good year to marry this year? How about — will Kris Aquino really marry James Yap? These fortune tellers are earning real good mooneys every new year!

What makes me laugh most of the times is this: after narrating their obviously general “predictions”, they will end their words with something like, “These predictions are only your guide, prayers are still more powerful”.

Oh, come on now. So what happens to the cards and the stars and feng shui? Can you really believe them and pray (meaning believe in what God can do) at the same time? Let me offer two hilarious oxymorons:

Praying fortune-tellers and God-trusting astrologers.

Needless to say, I mock these fortune tellers without knowing that most of the times, I also trust in a fortune teller — that’s me. In life, there is always a temptation to believe in yourself than what God can do. Trusting self is tempting. And yet, I’d like to be always reminded that God is someone whom I can trust even if I fail me.

This new year, let the power of God be seen in your life — and in me. Happy New Year everyone!