NLT MP3 Bible

I finally received my NLT MP3 Bible ordered through I’m kind of excited about this. This will add some excitement to my Bible pleasure reading.

You see, I’m more of a “hearer” than a “reader”. Not that I’m bored reading the Bible, but it’s just that I can’t read 30 minutes straight. Sometimes I do, but that’s when I’m starting a book.

With this mp3 bible, I can have Stephen Johnston narrate the Bible to me while I follow him with my eyes on my Bible. Cool, eh!

Plus, plus… I can burn these to CDs and play on the car and listen to the word of God instead of listening to negative political commentaries on radio. I also got a small 286 mb mp3 player. It can contain about 2 or 3 books of the Bible. I can listen to it anywhere I am!

Reminds me how technology affects how we “connect to God”.