Church plant in Makati needs volunteers — will you count yourself in?

Hi everyone,

Greetings in the name of Jesus.

Grace Place is a non-denominational, non-sectarian evangelical church plant in the heart of Makati Business District.  Our mission is simple: to make people understand, recognize, experience and grow in God's grace. To accomplish this mission, we plan to use innovative, contemporary and exciting ways in reaching out to the people of Makati and nearby cities especially the yuppies, without compromising the message. I'm making public our strategic plan. Please do take time to read it.

As a “start-up church”, people and talents are most needed. Unfortunately, being an independent church plant, meaning there's no church or denomination parenting us, people and talents available are very limited.  That's the reason why we thought of turning to the body of Christ, which you are a part of, for help.

If you are:

  • a Christian
  • can delegate your responsibility in your current church for a period of time
  • willing to support us for a minimum of 6 months after the launch
  • residing within or near Metro Manila area
  • open to new ideas and methods in doing the ministry

… you may want to pray about volunteering for this exciting church planting endeavor. We need volunteers for the following important functions:

1.Music ministers / Praise band member / Praise and Worship singers. For the acoustic-sounding praise band, we are still in need of a drummer and a lead guitarist.  We're also praying for a violinist (ala “Nyoy and the Manos” :-) ) in the future. So technically, that is also needed. Volunteers for Praise and Worship singers are also appreciated.

2.Audio-visual team. Members of this team has a great impact in terms of visitor's  experience.  They are responsible for making it sure that the visitors enjoy the sounds and visuals through proper mixing and setup.

3.Children's ministry. If you naturally enjoy being with kids, you'll enjoy being part of the church plant team involved in the children's ministry.

4.Welcoming ministry. They are not your typical greeter who hands the program to the visitors. A welcoming minister is also involved in assisting visitors to park their vehicles and other non-trivial ways, warmly welcomes and guides them around making them feel most comfortable.

5.Seminar and small group facilitators. As part of the strategy, we will have seminars and workshops which includes Grace Place Recovery, a program for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits. We'll also have Encounter retreats we call Grace Place Weekend.  For both programs, we'll need gifted facilitators.

6.Body warmers. If you don't see yourself filling up the above functions, no worries, being a body warmer is just right for you!  What does a body warmer do? He attends and praises and worships God wholeheartedly in a service, smiles at a visitor, invites friends … and a lot more. Now, don't get me wrong, this is not an easy job. A body warmer has to be immersed in the culture of Grace Place, understands its mission, vision and core values to be able to effectively function as a body warmer. (Here's an example: at Grace Place, we don't call ourselves “Brother Arnold” or “Sister Joy”. We simply call each one by their name.  That's a simple distinctive part of our church culture that a body warmer needs to understand.  We have very good reasons for doing it. If you're intrigued why is this so, check us out. ;-) ) In summary, body warmers are very important if not the most important volunteering job available in this church plant.

Please take note that we're not asking you to leave your church.  This is only a temporary volunteering endeavor. We believe, though, in “kingdom mentality”.  We're of the same kingdom, same team.  We believe that the body of Christ is ready to help, especially the “orphaned” groups like us.  So, if you see yourself offering your God-given gifts and talents to this church plant, we encourage you to fill up this form and let's talk. (if you're the type that is more comfortable with handwritten forms, download this pdf form, print it, fill it up and fax to 717-0507 loc. 208). Call us or send us a text message at 0920-951-8075 if you want more details. You can also email us at and If you also know of other Christians that may be interested in joining in, kindly make them know this announcement.

By the way, trainings will be provided. So if you feel God is speaking to you to accept one of those jobs but is uncertain if you can effectively function, no worries. Lend us your “heart”, then we'll teach your “hands”.

May the great Lord bless you as you decide on this invitation.

The Grace Place church planting team

  • Elijah

    How’s this church plant now?

  • Elijah

    How’s this church plant now?