A businessman was mistakenly arrested as top Abu Sayaff leader Radulan Sahiron. Later on, the poor man was released, he was just a … look-a-like. Wow, mali!

Julius Babao, top newsman for leading local network ABS-CBN, is being accused of helping suspected terrorist Tyrone Dawud Santos post bail. The intelligence operatives based their accusation on “circumstancial evidence” and admitted that they have no hard proof. But, oh, the hot buttoned President of the Republic leaked the information to media making it look like real. And they wouldn’t retract the allegation even if Summit Guaranty and Insurance Co. Inc., the company who issued the bail bond, has cleared Babao on any participation in the process. Wow, mail!

Three suspected car-jackers were killed last Monday evening. On the other hand, an exclusive video showing the police performing “double kill” has raised doubts on the legitimacy of the operation. The families of the slain suspects are not about to admit their loved one’s crimes — they think that the police simply made an identity error. Wow, mali again?

With the kind of Intelligence our police has right now, anybody can be a suspect to any crimes. So be prepared to die.

Our Intelligence isn’t intelligent after all, is it?