When it rains, it pours

We’ve been receiving one blessing after another these past few weeks. And I’d like to stop for a while and thank God for these:

1. We finally received our accreditation from PEZA. This means a lot to us since this accreditation greatly reduced our taxes — the legal way, huh! :D I’ve been working on this for months and finally, I got the certificate yesterday! I can’t thank Him enough for keeping me on my feet during those frustrating, discouraging times of processing the application.

2. I am so blessed to know Jim of FEBC. We want to “professionalize” our marketing department. To do this, we need a PABX system that routes and manages our phone calls in the office. I got a GE PABX 2 weeks ago. It worked fine and we’re excited to use it. Another thing, though — we need a call waiting recording. “Thank you for calling _____________. If you know the extention number, blah, blah, blah…” That for me is very important because it projects the company itself. Jim is a DJ and officer of FEBC. I knew him thru the local tech email list. I met him once and has been my chat companion through out the working day. Going back, kinapalan ko na ang mukha, I asked him to be the voice recording. The result is simply awesome. (If you want to know what I’m talking about, download the recording now). Who would know that we’re just a small team of programmers housed in a small 55 sq.m office in Mandaluyong? You wouldn’t if you’ll call our telephones! So, thank you bro. I owe you a dinner. :D

3. Grace Place is moving out of its shell. I’m excited about this. I’ll just share here under “Church Planting” section what we’ve been undergoing through in the coming days.