Prayer can change your life – Part 1

A research shows that the sermon one hears on Sundays can only be remembered up to 3 days. Meaning, the message you heard on Sunday will only last until Wednesday, max.

From now on, I promise to post my insights on every Sunday’s teachings by Kuya Prudy at Grace Place.That way, not only am possibly blessing some of you who reads this, I’m also enhancing my memory so it will at least last longer on my brain — probably until Thursday? :-D

(By the way, Grace Place is officially in its pre-launch stage. So, anyone of you who are in Metro Manila area and might be interested in being part of an exciting church plant for yuppies in the heart of Makati, drop me a line. We need a drummer, a praise and a worship leader, lecturers — we’re going to give Spirit-filled, non-theological personality development lectures in Makati companies, and prayer warriors — people who will commit to consistently pray for us. If you want to receive a PDF of our Strategic Plan and understand what we’re trying to do, drop me a line —

Last Sunday, Kuya Prudy started a series on prayer. In this first installment, he identified 4 purposes of prayer:

1. Prayer is an act of commitment (Dedication) (John 15:5-7) — One very obvious characteristic of men is our inability to depend on God. When we pray, we acknowledge that we cannot do anything apart from him — which is actually a hard thing to do especially if you are self-sufficient. An honest prayer is an act of dedication, an act of surrender and commitment to a Being who is powerful than we are.

2. Prayer is an act of relationship — (Communication) (John 15:15) — Every relationship requires an open line of communication. Even spouses cannot have a healthy relationship without communicating. In a healthy relationship with God, there must be a two way communication. If God communicates to us through the Bible, a vision or a friend, we can communicate with him through prayer.

3. Prayer is an act of request (Supplication) Phil. 4:6; John 16:23,24; Ps. 145:15 — There’s a common misunderstanding that there’s no need to ask God because He knows already what we will ask anyway. On the other hand, the Bible is clear that there are blessings that God will only give when we ask. It’s a mystery about God that our human minds cannot understand. That only tells us one thing — ask in prayer. We will not loose anything for doing it.

4. Prayer is an act of service (Cooperation) John 14:11-13 — When we pray for somebody, we are ministering to him. It is God’s modus operandi — that he involves us in dispensing his blessings to others.

* * *

If you want to visit us and be blessed for the continuation of this series on prayer, give me call or text message (09209518075) or simply drop by on Sunday, 10:30 am at Tiarra Oriental Hotel (at the back of Makati Post Office, near Ayala/Gil Puyat intersection)